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Chances olsas cgpa b3 3.91, lsat 168

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I have a hunch i'd be considered a decently competitive applicant, but looking at the accepted 2016 thread it seems the admitted usually have an lsat in the 170s...


what do you think my chances are? 


thank you :) 

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You do not need a 170 LSAT to get into U of T. The median LSAT last year was a 167 (I think). This means that half of the current IL class has an LSAT below 167. 

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    • Isn't there also that satellite New York firm in Toronto that pays on the New York scale?   which would make the claim patently false
    • You didn’t make the wrong choice by selecting Osgoode. I absolutely loved my time there and I think you will too. The beauty about going to a larger school is that you’re bound to find a group of people you click with - even if they aren’t in your section. I found 95% of the people there to be very collegial. No one is going to be ripping pages out of books or trying to sabotage you. I won’t sugar coat it - 1L is stressful. Being graded on a curve against other highly capable students is stressful. Learning a new subject area is stressful. The pressure to get a “summer job” will be stressful. These things are not exclusive to osgoode and the stress won’t be exclusive to you. Everyone will be going through it at the same time and you’ll find people you can lean on. The upper years will be a particularly valuable resource for helping you manage your stress.  There is no point in fretting about September (August in your case). It’s will be a bit stressful but certainly nothing you can’t handle. 
    • This could stretch through first week of Sept.