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Cannot open the sticky. You've downloaded it? I have the same question as yours. Thanks for any suggestion.

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    • I did it years and years ago but it is an intensive program. Missing five days would be a lot.  I suggest talking to the profs and arranging notes/ review with a trusted peer if you want to do both.  It is an excellent program. 
    • I was just waitlisted! Not feeling too optimistic since Windsor is know for waitlisting tons of people. I was really hoping to attend Windsor. 3.64 CGPA, 3.7 L2 ,153 (december), 157 (february) LSAT good EC's and LOR's.  Good luck to everyone else who has been waitlisted!
    • Why would you dry clean a cotton dress shirt? Pro-tip.  The newer non-iron shirts are great.     Unless ironing is your thing (not judging).      
    • A lot of newer dress shirts can be washed (some even say not to dry clean), so if you keep an eye on the tags when you’re buying them you’ll be okay  Good luck this summer! 
    • So I really wanted to complete the International Law Program at the Bader Castle next year; however, my very close cousin is getting married next year in the beginning of June. I cannot miss this wedding but I also really want to take part in the Bader program at the end of first year because in second year, I would want a summer job. For those who have done the Bader castle program before, would it be okay if I missed a few days of the program? I know it would put a bit of a dent in my wallet, but say I flew out for about 5 days to attend the program, would that be feasible?  Also, for those who have attended the Castle program in general, what are your thoughts on it? Is it worth it, how did you like it, what financial help is available etc.