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Manitoba Law School APP ECS?

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I am currently applying to law school in Manitoba from Ontario. So I started the online application through the UofM webpage. I went through almost all of it and saw no section for Ecs or volunteering info etc. The app didn't even ask me about work experience. Just wondering if I missed this completely and if there actually a section for all this. Apart from that, do we upload our own transcripts to the website? Does Manitoba no request for originals? Thanks for your time!


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You're not missing anything. Unless things have changed since I applied two years ago, U of M doesn't require a personal statement or anything along those lines. It's a purely numbers-based school. Also, (and again, unless this has changed) they accept scanned copies of transcripts for the purpose of considering applications and only ask for official transcripts in the event that you receive an offer. You can, however, send them beforehand if you wish.

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The series of digits above me has it right: 50-50 GPA-LSAT formula, unless you are applying under the special access category.


Best of luck!

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