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Tabulation of the accuracy of the loan calculator's bursary values

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Hey folks, as I'm sure all current students are aware of the results for financial aid were made available today. It seems almost everyone (not surprisingly) has received less than UofT's aid calculator suggested they would.


My query is by how much? It might be useful to potential students to have an idea of an average deviation from their estimate and/or to see if this changes over the years. I figure a percent difference would also have this remain fairly anonymous although if people were comfortable with it absolute values may also be illustrative and would potentially let us see if there are greater differences at the extreme ends or if it's roughly even across the board. With the percent only posters if they'd prefer we could still get a sense of amount by using some different gates:


1) $0-$2500

2) $2501-$5000

3) $5001-$7500

4) $7501-$10,000

5) $10,001-$15,000

6) $15,001-$20,000


Maybe sensible ranges since I think the bursary component caps at $20,000.


I'll start off, I got $8400/$10100 for a ~17% reduction compared to my estimated value. I only see a discrepancy in my bursary value, the interest payment, etc. values appear spot on.

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