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Selling Law and Business Books - Shipping From GTA Available

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 Please see the attached list for books and prices (prices are the last number in each listing).  


Happy to ship if cost is paid by the buyer.  Can meet in downtown Toronto.  Thanks!


Principles of Macroeconomics Mankiw, Kneebone, McKenzie Fifth Edition 20


Cases, Materials and Notes on Partnerships and Canadian Business Corporations Puri, Anand Fifth Edition 40


Canada Business Corporations Act & Commentary Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP 2013/2014 25


Cases and Materials on Contracts Waddams, McCamus Fourth Edition 40


The Law of Partnerships & Corporations VanDuzer Third Edition 30


2012 Martin's Annual Criminal Code Martin 2012 20 Tort Law Ernest J Weinrib Third Edition 40


Canadian Health Law and Policy Downie, Caulfield, Flood Fourth Edition 50


Canadian Constitutional Law The Constitutional Law Group Fourth Edition 45


Securities Law in Canada Condon, Anand, Sarra Second Edition 40


International Business Ball, Geringer, Minor, McNett Twelfth Edition 10


Financial Accounting Harrison, Horngren, Lemon Second Canadian Edition 10


Canadian Securities Exam Cleary Second Edition 15


Principles of Microeconomics Mankiw, Kneebone, McKenzie Third Canadian Edition 5


IFRS Primer - International GAAP Basics Wiecek, Young ISBN 978-0-470-15888-3 15


Intermediate Accounting Kieso, Weygandt, Warfield Eighth Canadian Edition 20


Microeconomics Pindyck, Rubinfeld Sixth Edition 15


The Law and Business Administration in Canada Smith, Soberman, Easson Eleventh Edition 25


Financial Markets & Institutions Mishkin, Eakins Sixth Edition 15


Options, Futures and Other Derivatives John C Hull Seventh Edition 20


Introduction to the Study of Law Waddams Sixth Edition 25


Canadian Income Tax Law Duff, Alarie, Brooks, Loomer Fourth Edition 35


International Business and Economics - Law and Policy Stephan, Roin Fourth Edition 50


International Law Kindred Including Documentary Supplement - Eighth Edition 40


Business Statistics Sharpe, De Veaux, Velleman First Canadian Edition 15


2013 Consolidated Canada Business Corporations Act and Regulations Carswell 33rd Edition 15


Secured Transactions in Personal Property Duggan, Ziegel Sixth Edition 40


Oosterhoff on Trusts Oosterhoff, Chambers, McInnes Eighth Edition 50


Consolidated Ontario Securities Act, Regulations and Rules Findlay 2013-2014 - 55th Edition 40


Investment Banking - Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts and Mergers & Acquisitions Rosenbaum, Pearl Second Edition 45

Edited by GraduatedFromLS

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I'm looking to purchase: 

Can Income Tax Law - Duff, 

Oosterhoff on Trusts


Do you still have these? If you do, please contact me: [email protected]


I'm located in Toronto and available during days and nights, including weekends. Can travel elsewhere.

Would need them asap since the semester already started. 


Thank you. 


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