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First year textbooks - Robson Hall, WPG

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Hi folks, I'm in Winnipeg, MB and am selling a bunch of my 1L textbooks, which appear to still be good for incoming 1Ls this year. All are in great shape other than a few dog-eared pages, and only the Torts one has any highlighting/underlining.


I crosslisted on Kijiji, but will try to update as they sell. If you take 'em all I'll cut you a deal!


Learning Canadian Criminal Law (13th ed, Stuart) – $80

Same edition listed for this year. U of M Bookstore is selling for $156 new/$117 used.


Canadian Constitutional Law (4th ed, Bakan) – $80

Same edition listed this year for all Constitutional classes at $126 new/$94 used. I do not have the download code anymore.


Principles of Property Law (6th ed, Ziff) – $60

Being used again this year for all first year property classes, listed at $141 new/$105 used.


Law of Torts (4th ed, Osborne) – $30

5th ed is listed for Prof. Irvine’s class at $65 new/$48 used. The 5th ed was listed last year too, but Irvine said the 4th was fine. Even if you’re not with Irvine, it’s a really clear and helpful book. Has some highlighting. 


Intro to study of Law (7th ed, Waddams) – $20

The 8th ed is listed this year at $67 new/$50 used, but I don’t imagine it’s much different from the 7th ed. 


Comprehensive Guide to Legal Research (Student ed, McCarney) – $40

This year the 2nd ed is listed for $95 new/$71 used. Again, I doubt it makes a difference.

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