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Skyline Living Question

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Hi Everyone!


I just signed a lease for an apartment with Skyline Living, and I have a question about something in the lease. There was a clause that said I was not allowed to put up anything on the walls, by nail or by double sided tape. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this, or knew if there was any way around it? I know it sounds silly, but I'd like to personalize the apartment if I'll be living there for a few years.



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Pretty sure you can ignore that. For example, a lot of leases says no pets - technically under the RTA you're allowed pets. All you have to do is make sure that what your putting up with nails/double sided tape is within the reasonable definition of "wear and tear" expected of a person living in the unit. Or just use painter's tape (the green ones) if you're really worried.

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The above analogy to the RTA's voiding of "no pets" clauses is a completely specious one. The RTA specifically says that "no pets" clauses in tenancy agreements are void. No such legal protection exists for "the reasonable definition of 'wear and tear'".


I'm not that guy who normally takes issue with others' attempts to be helpful, but be wary of the advice in the post above; it sounds exactly like legal advice, but it's only practical "you can probs get away with this" advice. Personally, I wouldn't follow any piece of advice that starts with, "Pretty sure you can ignore that," and I pray that those words never come out of the mouth of my lawyer or my doctor. Bottom line: you'll probably be fine by putting things up, but you know damn well you signed a lease that technically puts you in a breach position if you do (i.e. you're at the mercy of Skyline).

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