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2016 2nd year transfer

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Hey, thought I'd start a thread to keep track for those of us applying to transfer.  Anyone know when we should expect to hear back or what GPA typically gets you in?

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    • Hi everyone, I've been absorbing all the information this forum could provide me and one thing is for certain, U of T is a longshot. With that being said, there is still a part of me that is hoping it could work out somehow but I wanted to get opinions from people who have already applied and heard back or have been a part of admission committee's for graduate schools.   Basically, my GPA is trash. I can probably work super hard this year and get it a little higher than a 3.0, but that's it. I know U of T looks at all four years and does not really consider anyone who's GPA is below something like a 3.7. But with that being said, I have amazing practical experience. I've interned at UN HQ in NY, worked at the Dep. of Justice etc. In addition, my LSAT score is in the 160's. I really am a good student, but because of family problems these past two years, my focus was not on my education.   What do you guys think? If not U of T, what other Law School's would you recommend I go for? Because of said family problems, I am absolutely committed to becoming a lawyer and learning the law. However, I need to find a school that'll give me the chance to do that!   Thanks!  
    • It was written in haste , hence the writing style.    Thanks for the suggestions everyone
    •   If this is representative of your writing style, you should probably work on making it more readable (eg more pronouns and punctuation, fewer run-on sentences) before the writing sample, and certainly before law school starts.   If you're not responding well to your tutor, you can always change. But 9am isn't an unreasonably early start, and homework is a way to do better in the sessions you're paying for.
    • That was really hard to read. I'm pretty unsure of what is going on but if you don't like your tutor, just switch. Your not going to benefit much if you're not happy with his style of tutoring.  But honestly, just to be blunt, being able to be somewhere by 9am isn't something you should have to work on. 
    • Not to assume too much, but it sounds like you may be a mature student.  There is a club for that, and everyone I met was very helpful. I'd join that club and start there.