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15 hours ago, GoLeafsGo said:

I graduated from undergrad debt free because I worked a LOT during my undergrad. My master’s program was funded through the school and working as a TA. I have enjoyed working as a TA and found it rewarding but what I didn’t like was that I felt it was busy when I was busy (i.e. marking essays when I have my essays due and just before exams next year). 

I received a $5000 entrance scholarship from Queens, according to OSAP calculator I should get about $6300 in bursaries (can someone speak to how accurate the calculator is?), so that’s over half my tuition. Would anyone recommend continuing working as a TA as well? 

I actually have a similar experience. I worked 2-3 jobs at a time in undergrad, and managed to graduate debt free (with the help of scholarships). I also TA'd.

I would echo what georgecostanzajr said above - law school is a different beast all together. Now, this does not mean no one works. A very few people have part-time jobs at retail/ cafe occasions. Another handful (like myself) have different jobs for the faculty, like Ambassadors or working for the Marketing or News teams. These lower commitment jobs (5 hrs/week) would be much more manageable, with the work load. Obviously it won't be enough to keep you debt free, but just think - you've done 2 degree already without a penny of debt. That's exceptional. The few thousands you rack up in law school will be nothing compared to your peers. Law students are almost expected to be in debt :P

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    • I am not sure that is entirely true, at least from my experiences. Many of my friends at other schools have had much more work to do for similar courses and I also found their work harder at times. I also think it depends on the professor. 
    • Also, Brock is a "party school." So you might go there expecting easy grades because "if you can walk and talk, you can go to Brock" and get distracted by all the social stuff, whereas you might focus more at U of T because other serious students you meet motivate you. *not to say there aren't smart, serious students at Brock and party animals at U of T too - I'm addressing the stereotypes. 
    • I don't believe it. It's simply true. To pretend otherwise is to spread falsities to high schoolers keen to go to law school who may miss out on an excellent institution like u of t, simply because of fear that they won't get into law school if they did. Not that highschoolers should care about getting into law school 4 years later. But they do. So at the very least let's not get them missing out on excellent education in light of wholly unsubstantiated claims.
    • I just officially finished 2L yesterday, and I have to say law school has been one of the best times of my life. 
    • The mods are happy to do these kinds of things when asked. Feel free to PM us or even use the Report button on whatever specific topic you would like stickied. Much more effective than just wishing