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David Wong

My chance? 3.52 GPA (with drops) and 154/159 LSAT

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I am a long time lurker on this forum, but this is my first post here. Have to say I found many useful information here and would like a second opinion on my chance of getting accepted.


Submitted my application to UNB with 3.52 GPA (186 credits in total) and 154/159 LSAT. I am going to received my doctorate degree in Cell Biology in a few weeks, and have B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from  a foreign institute. BTW, English is my second language and I have overcame various cultural, linguistic, and financial challenges to get to where I am now. I applied in both regular and discretionary categories.


Two academic reference from my graduate supervisors here, the non-academic one is from a senior member from my church. I assume all these letters should be pretty positive.


I checked "Accepted" threads from previous years, it seems my chance is decent but not great. 

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I think you have a solid chance at acceptance. Aside from your achievements and overcoming various barriers, which are very positive points, your GPA and LSAT put you at a good place IMO. I was accepted last year with a lower GPA and a 160 on the LSAT.

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