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Looking at Previous Years' "Accepted Threads"

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#1 1jc19

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Posted 08 March 2015 - 01:42 PM

I'm going to note right away that the amount of waves (Western seems to send out a bunch of acceptances out on a single day, typically Thursdays, a wave refers to instances where Western does this) and their frequency does not indicate anything. The amount of acceptances in a single wave is not known and the information on these forums is self-reported and not representative of everyone that applies, which makes predictions based on this information unreliable. It is also entirely possible and probable that people were accepted during weeks where there was no movement found on these forums.


Having applied this cycle, it feels like Western is much slower this year than in previous years. I put this together to see if I can potentially find a pattern in waves or to see how far in the cycle we are. I will try to keep updating this as more acceptances are reported. Anything other than when Western reports acceptances is my speculation, so take that with a grain of salt.



Dec. 1 to 6 - Acceptances reported Thursday (Dec. 4)

Dec. 7 to 13 - Acceptance reported on Friday (Dec. 12) and one user reported an acceptance on Saturday (Dec. 13)

Dec. 14 to Dec. 20 - Acceptances reported Wednesday (Dec. 17), another user reported getting in around Dec. 15

Dec. 21 to Dec. 27 - Nothing

Dec. 28 to Jan 3 - Nothing


Total waves in December: 3


Jan. 4 to Jan. 10 - Nothing

Jan. 11 to Jan. 17 - Acceptances reported Thursday (Jan. 15)

Jan. 18 to Jan. 24 - Nothing

Jan. 25 to Jan. 31 - Nothing


Total waves in January: 1


Feb. 1 to Feb 7 - Acceptances reported Thursday (Feb. 5)

Feb. 8 to Feb. 14 - Acceptances reported Thursday (Feb. 12)

Feb. 15 to Feb. 21 - Acceptances reported Thursday (Feb. 19)

Feb. 22 to Feb. 28 - Nothing


Total waves in February: 3


March 1 to March 7 - Nothing

March 8 to March 14 -

March 15 to March 21-

March 22 to March 28 - 


Total waves in 2015: 7



December is unusual in the sense that Western started sending out acceptances particularly early (before the December LSAT was written) and because of Western sending out acceptances three weeks in a row. Some of the stats reported from those that were accepted in December were not as high as previous years and were close to those who were accepted in mid/late January to February in 2014 and several sub-160 LSAT scores were reported. On the other hand, January seems to have been slower this year than in previous ones. This year would look more like previous years in the waves in December and January were reversed.


December LSAT scores and fall grades become available in January (Dec. LSAT score became available Jan. 1). If there was movement in only one week of January, it is possible that Western decided to slow down on sending out acceptances to wait for fall grades and December LSAT scores. The earliest I've reported acceptance I've found for a December writer is Jan. 15.


Feb. LSAT scores were released on March 2nd. I think we'll start seeing acceptances from people that wrote the Feb. LSAT this week (March 12).




December (2013):


Dec. 1 to 7 - Nothing

Dec. 8 to 14 - Acceptances reported Thursday (Dec. 12)

Dec. 15 to 21 - Acceptances reported Thursday (Dec. 19)

Dec. 22 to 28 - Nothing reported

Dec. 21 to Jan. 4, 2014 - Nothing reported


Total Amount Waves in December: 2


Jan. 5 to Jan. 11 - Acceptances reported on Thursday (Jan. 9)

Jan. 12 to Jan. 18 - An acceptance posted on the 12th (Sunday, no indication of whether or not it follows the Thursday pattern); Acceptances reported on Thursday (Jan. 16)

Jan. 19 to Jan. 25 - Acceptances reported on Thursday (Jan. 23)

Jan. 26 to Feb. 1 - Acceptances reported on Thursday (Jan. 30)


Total Waves in January: 4


Feb. 2 to Feb. 8 - Acceptances reported on Wednesday (Feb. 5), breaking away from the Thursday pattern

Feb. 9 to Feb. 15 - Acceptances reported on Thursday (Feb. 13)

Feb. 16 to Feb. 22 - Acceptances reported on Thursday (Feb. 20); first reported rejection on Wednesday (Feb. 19)

Feb 23. to March 1 - Acceptances reported on Thursday (Feb. 27)


Total Waves in February: 4


March 2 to March 8 - No acceptances reported 

March 9 to March 15 - Acceptances reported on Monday (March. 10)

March 16 to March 22 - Nothing reported

March 23 to March 29 - Nothing reported


Total Waves in March: 1


April 2: Western Law Class Twitter tweets that the class has filled up, a few acceptances reported after (definitely slows down after the class has filled up)


May 8: First reported acceptance off the waitlist, surprisingly its a Thursday



Total waves: 11


Notes on 2014


I remember them saying during the Welcome Day that they had sent more than 300 offers, which was a lot more than in previous years. So assuming they have an average yield rate of ~ 50%, their class would indeed be full before April 1st. I wonder if this is a new admissions model that they've tried this year, effectively eliminating a post-April 1st cycle.



Acceptances get sporadic after the class fills up on April 2




Dec. 1 - Nothing

Dec. 2 to 8 - Nothing

Dec. 9 to 15 - Nothing

Dec. 16 to 22 - Acceptances reported Tuesday (Dec. 18)

Dec. 23 to Dec. 29 - Nothing reported


Total waves in December: 1


December 30 to Jan. 5 - Nothing reported

Jan. 6 to Jan. 12 - Acceptances reported Thursday and Friday (Jan. 10 and 11) - could be one wave or two

Jan. 13. to Jan. 19 - Acceptances reported Thursday (Jan. 17)

Jan. 20 to Jan. 26 - Acceptance reported Thursday (Jan. 24) 

Jan. 27 to Feb. 2 - Nothing reported


Total waves in January: 3


Feb. 3 to Feb. 9 - Acceptances reported Thursday (Feb. 7); one person reported an acceptance email on Tuesday (Feb. 5) and the student centre status changing on the Thursday

Feb. 10 to Feb. 16 - Nothing reported

Feb. 17 to Feb. 23 - Acceptances reported Thursday (Feb. 21), one reported getting accepted on Friday (Feb. 22)

Feb. 24 to March 2 - Acceptance reported on Tuesday (Feb. 26), acceptance reported on Friday (March 1)


Total waves in February - 3


March 3 to March 9 - Nothing

March 10 to March 16 - Nothing

March 17 to March 23 - Acceptances reported on Thursday (March 21)

March 24 to March 30 - Acceptances reported on Thursday (March 28); first rejection also noted on Thursday (March 28)

March 31 to April 6 - Acceptance reported on April 6 


Total waves in March: 2


April 7 to 13 - Acceptances (looks like quite a few) reported Thursday (April 11)

April 14 to 20 - Acceptances reported on Thursday (April 18) and Friday (April 19)

April 21 to April 27 - Acceptances reported on Thursday (April 25)

April 28 to May 4 - Acceptances reported Thursday (May 2)


Total waves in April - 4


May 5 to May 11 - Nothing

May 12 to May 18 - Acceptance reported Thursday (May 16)

May 19 to May 25 - Nothing

May 26 to June 1 - Nothing


Total waves in May: 2


June 2 to June 8 - Acceptances reported Monday and Thursday (June 3 and 6)


First reported waitlist acceptance - July 18


Stopped here because of boredom


Total waves for 2013: 15


Notes on 2013

No indication of when the class filled up



Changed the title, was misleading

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#2 cocunut200

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Posted 13 March 2015 - 06:25 PM

Thanks for doing this. Many people on this board, myself included, have felt like the acceptances have been coming slower this year in comparison to before. But looking at yours and similar posts carefully, I think 2014 may have just been a particularly quick cycle

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#3 1jc19

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Posted 14 March 2015 - 10:47 AM

Thanks for doing this. Many people on this board, myself included, have felt like the acceptances have been coming slower this year in comparison to before. But looking at yours and similar posts carefully, I think 2014 may have just been a particularly quick cycle


Thanks, its still early to tell if this cycle was quicker, I feel there weren't actually that many acceptances that happened in December.


Do you know if there's a way to edit my post? I wanted to update this week but it doesn't seem like there's an option.

#4 Hegdis

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Posted 14 March 2015 - 02:31 PM

Do you know if there's a way to edit my post? I wanted to update this week but it doesn't seem like there's an option.

If you PM me I will update your OP.

Regular posters have a one hour edit window only. (Incidentally, you also lack the ability to delete posts or accounts once made. Just for the good-to-know file. Multiple long winded explanations for this are in the Forum Rules forum at the top of the main page.)

#5 1jc19

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Posted 19 March 2015 - 09:46 AM

I'm going to wait until Saturday or Sunday to edit this, but I find it exceptionally odd that nothing has been reported since Feb. 19 (assuming nothing coming out this week).

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