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Hey guys,


I was just wondering if anyone knows how they convert our UVic grades to a percentage GPA. UVic only has letter grades on it's transcripts.


I called the admissions office twice, and e-mailed them as well, and every time I got a different answer. The answer in the e-mail, which I'm assuming is the most accurate, said that they calculate your cumulative GPA on the UVic 9 point scale and then convert it to a percentage using the conversions below:


5.0 = 70%

6.0 = 75%

7.0 = 80%

8.0 = 85%

9.0 = 92.5%


So, for example, if you have a 6.5 cumulative GPA at Uvic that would be converted to a 77.5%


This confused me since a 6.0 at Uvic is a 76-79. It also seems like this way they're taking the minimum for each range of grades, except for a GPA above 90%, which seems unfair.


Any input would be great, thanks!

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You need to convert all of the grades for all classes to percentage and then take the average to get your cumulative percentage - you can't just convert your cGPA. UBC does convert your letter grades to the lowest percentage for that letter grade. While this may seem a bit unfair, how else would they be able to convert grades to their percentage system if your school doesn't offer percentages? Taking the highest percentage or using the median in each grade category doesn't make much sense, as it could be just as inaccurate in reflecting the true grades of applicants.


Also, it could be worth remembering that this deflation of grades happens to students converting from percentage to GPA too. For instance, a UBC student applying to Ontario schools has to convert percentage to the 4.0 scale, which means that having 79% versus 80% in a class drops his or her GPA by quite a bit.

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