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  1. Accepted to TRU 2018

    It looks like a lot of us have gotten it so I'm guessing it doesnt mean too much.
  2. Application process

    For those of us that received this update, how many of you were signed up for the February test? I'm wondering if that's primarily why they emailed us about a march update.
  3. Application process

    Well well, they just reached out and told me to expect an update in _late_ march. You must have better stats than me, haha.
  4. Accepted to TRU 2018

    Wow cool, congratulations and I am super jealous, haha. Could I ask what were your L3 RodneyMunch? I think that these guys go by your last 90 credit hours.
  5. Application process

    I still haven't heard a word back from them. I wonder if that's significant at all?
  6. Any way to track acceptances?

    No way to track. I would be happy with any email from them at this point. They have not been answering their phone even. I've been trying to confirm with them that they have received all documents since there isn't an online mechanism for it. I can only assume that they must be super understaffed.
  7. The "your application is complete and currently in progress" email? I wouldn't be too nervous about it ChloeSilverado3. I think it's like a general status email they do in January. I am a re-app and got an email around this time last year saying that they needed an updated transcript. This year it was the currently in progress email. I would be surprised if anyone is going to be getting a rejection letter until after the February LSAT is passed.
  8. I actually have pretty similar stats as you (L90 and LSAT wise) according to their scale, albeit with an MA and some more years of work experience. Honestly, judging from the previous years accepted threads, it looks like it's going to be a late acceptance (think may-july) for either of us if it's at all going to happen.
  9. LR wrecked me, did -5 more than what I was doing on my PT's. At least there's still February.
  10. Grade scale?

    Anyone know their grade scale? I haven't found very accurate information online to calculate my percentages into a gpa for U Saskatchewan.
  11. What grade scale should I be using to convert my percentages over to TRU's? I'm seeing mixed information online.
  12. GPA for Admissions? L90? cGPA?

    I asked the same questions by email and they responded with the following: Your GPA is calculated using your most recent 90 undergraduate courses; no stipulation of full time vs part time, nor which semester courses were completed. TRU uses a holistic application process; your application is assessed using a combination of your GPA, LSAT score, statement of interest, reference letters and supplemental information provided from your resume/CV. As your Graduate courses won’t be factored in your GPA, they will be applicable in the form of supplemental information)
  13. I honestly have no idea how they do it at this point. I just received this email today when I was inquiring about how they deal with graduate grades in the last two calculation. "When we look at the last two years GPA, we look at the most recent two years worth of courses. This can depend on credit hours per course, etc. We will only look at full semesters in calculations." My last two undergraduate years are laid out kind of weirdly. It's F (5 courses) W(4 courses) summer (6 courses) fall (6 courses) winter (6 courses) and then a graduate degree with two 3 course semesters (which is the maximum allowable course load a grad student can take on). So I have no idea if the grad year courses would be considered a full year or if they are considered a full semester each, or if they are just used for cgpa purposes only. Do they even consider a four course undergraduate semester a full semester? It's SUPER confusing, haha.
  14. Just the last twenty half year courses in the degree? Would the spread matter or must they be full time? I did two 6 class semesters (F and W), one class writing honours (Summer term), then two semesters of 2 classes each (F and W) - finishing honours requirements (17 courses so far). Now I'm doing a course-based masters where I will finish in April with grades from six classes (total of 23 half year classes). Would that fit the bill for the last two years?