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  1. I honestly have no idea how they do it at this point. I just received this email today when I was inquiring about how they deal with graduate grades in the last two calculation. "When we look at the last two years GPA, we look at the most recent two years worth of courses. This can depend on credit hours per course, etc. We will only look at full semesters in calculations." My last two undergraduate years are laid out kind of weirdly. It's F (5 courses) W(4 courses) summer (6 courses) fall (6 courses) winter (6 courses) and then a graduate degree with two 3 course semesters (which is the maximum allowable course load a grad student can take on). So I have no idea if the grad year courses would be considered a full year or if they are considered a full semester each, or if they are just used for cgpa purposes only. Do they even consider a four course undergraduate semester a full semester? It's SUPER confusing, haha.
  2. Just the last twenty half year courses in the degree? Would the spread matter or must they be full time? I did two 6 class semesters (F and W), one class writing honours (Summer term), then two semesters of 2 classes each (F and W) - finishing honours requirements (17 courses so far). Now I'm doing a course-based masters where I will finish in April with grades from six classes (total of 23 half year classes). Would that fit the bill for the last two years?
  3. I'm just going to piggyback on this thread instead of making a new one. Atlantic resident: 3.0 cgpa, 3.8 last sixty credits/last two, lsat 163, chances?
  4. Converting % gpa into UofA gpa

    Yes, but wouldn't they take the numerical grades overall average and reweigh them through their system to give them one uniform value? I would think the institution itself wouldn't matter as long as it's a recognized uni. Am I totally misunderstanding how this process works/what you mean? An 83 might be a 3.8 at one institution and 4.0 at another, but both would be 3.7 at UofA (for example).
  5. Converting % gpa into UofA gpa

    So does an 82%-85% average in the last 20 courses definitely correspond to 3.7?
  6. Converting % gpa into UofA gpa

    Just bumping this thread. I think the information about how they calculate an applicant's overall average for admission, rather than course by course is important!
  7. Good point and you're right that at certain other Canadian law schools they do, like UBC. I mean, it is possible that Dal has a database of rejected applicants, but I could swear I remember reading that they dispose of applicant paperwork at the end of each cycle. Also the other Canadian law schools that take that into account in the transfer cycle have it outlined on their website. Just seems so much more inefficient to comb past years data for prior applicants than taking the time to just reassess a handful of potential transferees' files. Someone should play spy and find out if this really exists.
  8. I can't see how that could be accurate. They get so many applications each year. How could they keep track of who they rejected vis a vis people attempting transfer the following year? I doubt they keep past years rejected names on file. It sounds like she's just trying to save you some application money.
  9. They'll use your winter grades but I think you need to get them to the uni before early may.
  10. Cool, well re-verification is always a good thing; sometimes schools change certain policies without publicizing.
  11. Interview

    They gave you less than 24 hours? That's pretty ridiculous.
  12. Oh I emailed afterwords. Megan told me that they do calculate grades after your degree towards your last two. Undergrad/graduate courses are treated the same.
  13. Does anyone know if Dal looks at courses taken post-graduation, or after your first degree is that it?
  14. Accepted 2011

    Where on their website does it say they calculate last two anyway? I remember it use to be there when I first checked ages ago.. but their criteria seems to have disappeared? Can anyone else find it? Am I blind?