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  1. This. Hire an accountant, they could also be a source of referral work!
  2. Suits For Men

    I totally agree. I am not wearing a tie or jacket most days, and have been not wearing my french cuff shirts for that reason, which has made me painfully aware I have too many French cuff shirts.
  3. Sure, they make it easy for you to become a fee paying member. That's how they get you.
  4. Suits For Men

    I love their stuff, where did you pick it up?
  5. Saadati v Moorhead, 2017 SCC 28

    So they adopted Mustapha? Wow, I recall that as one of the more ridiculous cases in torts. I'm not sure the SCC thought this through. Then again, this whole area of law started with a snail in a bottle so perhaps it has come full circle.
  6. Suits For Men

    Agree on all the above, Spier & Mackay just released a couple new styles of suits that are a bit more modern in style, but ultimately SS is more fashion forward. I think Spier's shirts are better bang for the buck than Suitsupply. Their recently released khaki's are also fantastic.
  7. D+ average in 1L: Feel Broken

    I would add that it's critical you start getting some hands on experience. Work in legal aid clinic or business law clinic, or something, so you can build up your skill set with practical skills to help make you more attractive to employers.
  8. Suits For Men

    Solid advice.
  9. Heenan collapse

    I think it's easier to teach a CEO about a lawyer's responsibilities than to put lawyers in charge and hope they understand how to run a business.
  10. Suits For Men

    No problem. For future reference, 'glitter embellishments' is not CBD (conservative business dress).
  11. Suits For Men

    That does not look subtle to me.
  12. Just a guess, but did you take a lot of corporate law in law school? I'm wondering if your handle on basic corporate law isn't firm, and that is what is causing you difficulty in understanding the facts (and thus remembering and writing concisely about them) I practice tax, and took corporate law in law school, but don;'t have a business background, and struggle sometimes with concepts like (convertible) debentures, etc.
  13. Oh and this arbitrary list of the top M&A from 2001 matches up perfectly too!
  14. Two things, I'm surprised by some of Bob's rankings, namely Baker & MacKenzie and Davis/DLA Piper (he has a better perception than me) and Fasken, Norton Rose (he has a worse perception than me) But now, all I can think of, is which firm is Bob at?
  15. The 2001 table was just a measure of how many zero's in deals firms did that year. It changes every year.1 Since Canadian law firms don't publicly talk about profits per partner, it's the best public information about how much money a firm makes. For a law student, it's an easy way to distinguish between firms. Beyond that, there are 'good' and 'bad' lawyers at every firm as Uriel notes, depending on the qualities you think are important in a lawyer, and whose perspective (client, firm, or lawyer-to-lawyer) 1 Though 4 are pretty much up there.