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  1. Disclosure of Health Issues

    It depends on your jurisdiction. Speaking from experience, it's shortsighted to prioritize admission to the law society over your health. Get the treatment you think you need.
  2. Passive Income For Lawyers

    This is probably an elaborate scheme to prime you to join the partner's MLM.
  3. TWU and the SCC

    I suspect this is a case of bad facts making bad law. We just need a lovely poly family of three lawyers to challenge the law. This is a very interesting discussion BUT WHERE'S THE FUCKING DECISION THAT TWITTER PROMISED ME?!
  4. TWU and the SCC

    Court upheld the law... But this rodeo ain't over.
  5. TWU and the SCC

    I think the polygamy laws are unconstitutional, but I do think what Blackmore does is criminal. Is criminal skeeviness a real crime?
  6. TWU and the SCC

    Flip flop by bccla after multiple interventions https://bccla.org/2018/02/twu_message_2018/
  7. TWU and the SCC

    I think the equality rights interveners will have more to add than the religious interveners. The religious aspects were well covered by TWU.
  8. TWU and the SCC

  9. TWU and the SCC

    She has to go be all responsible and teach....pbbbttthhhhh. Skip! I need my tweets!!
  10. TWU and the SCC

    I can't watch at work.... Boo responsibility.
  11. TWU and the SCC

    Live blog please!
  12. It's posted again. Ten positions this time. Looks like they might have DROPPED the salary... Or I'm misremembering. Eta: NM. Looks like someone referenced salary of $79k above. So marginal drop if any...
  13. TWU - The Big Show

    Anyone else find this interview unseemly https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/supreme-court-justice-offers-explanation-for-lgbtq-decision/article35870614/?ref=https://www.theglobeandmail.com&cmpid=rss1&click=sf_globefb&service=mobile
  14. TWU - The Big Show

    SCC provided a news release today explaining that it was a scheduling issue...
  15. Vancouver robes women's 8

    https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/bnc/clo/6100319540.html from my late night Craigslist prowls.