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  1. Screwups and Faceplants

    I would actually love to participate, but this is probably the one thread where my lack of anonymity precludes my involvement. Will love reading what you rubes write about your screw ups though .
  2. There is a reason why I stay out of the "suits for men" thread, and now its infecting other places.
  3. You're right, and I just realized I put this in the wrong area (meant to go in the general discussion for lawyers/articling students). Will get a mod to move.
  4. My employer, a members organization which represents broader public sector organizations in Ontario is looking for a policy advisor. Job is based in Toronto. It is my understanding that preference will be given to someone with a legal background, as the role will require good working knowledge of occupational health and safety legislation and employment legislation or the ability to get up to speed quickly. I will quote from the job posting: Working within the [association]'s Policy and Public Affairs Division, you will seek the support of subject matter experts to better understand established and emerging practices as you develop solutions to issues facing [members]. In addition, you will seek to align [association]’s activities with the Association’s core mandates. Reporting to the Director of Policy, you will provide policy advice for [association] initiatives related to occupational health and safety, emergency preparedness, labour relations and operations issues. If anyone is interested, please pm me and I will send you the full job posting.
  5. Law school and exercise

    Looking back, one of the best things for me was when I was in first year law school I was in a long distance relationship. I went to visit my partner every weekend, which got me out of the law school microcosm. This meant a whole weekend of not playing the radar game described above. Try to figure out a way to talk to non-law students on a regular basis.
  6. Researching mobile app for law students

    Westlaw already has Word and Phrases which is a dictionary that puts words into the various contexts they are used in case law.
  7. Vacation

    For a piece of legislation that essentially affects every Ontarian, the Employment Standards Act, 2000 can be pretty impenetrable.
  8. 2017 Associate Salary Bump (Toronto)

    Uriel out here slanging truth.
  9. Maybe it would be best for you to approach a community organization that has lawyers to see if you can volunteer with them in some capacity to see whether there is a way to do what you want to do/or to make connections to people who can help you. Something like http://www.parkdalelegal.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=53&Itemid=41.
  10. Yeah. But then there is the point that there is likely a very good reason why these workers are not unionized...
  11. if they are not unionized then what labour disputes are they having? I guess it's a probably with terminology but still.
  12. Well, the labour disputes would be covered by union side labour law firms, so there probably isn't much work left floating around there for someone new. You also have to consider that its pretty difficult focusing your work on a particular kind of client rather than a particular kind of law. It requires you to be competent in a lot of areas, which is very difficult to do.
  13. Ok, in more in depth, a lot of students will work after the summer after their second year of school. The vast majority of these jobs are with large firms. Getting these jobs is generally achieved through the OCI process. The reason why this process seems mandatory is because getting a job in your second year summer virtually guarantees an articling position which you need to be licensed. Also, starting in Big law and moving down is much easier than the reverse. If you truly do not want a job on Bay St. or is equivalent in other cities, you will have to hustle harder to find a gig, but you can find a summer job/articling position in smaller firms, or even non-law firm organizations. These will better set you up to the career you want. For example, you can article with legal aid organizations, which would likely preclude the need to open your own firm/organization since you would be doing the sort of thing you want to do. Edit: when I say hustle harder, it may not necessarily be that much harder to find the articling position you want, it just won't be through the process built for OCIs which take out a lot of logistics work on the part of students.
  14. OCIs are not mandatory. Articling is mandatory, but can be completed in many different kinds of organizations not just law firms.