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  1. Health Law Practice

    I would quibble with this a little insofar as there are people who practice health law as a definable area which could be defined as helping healthcare organizations with navigating the various regulatory and legal regimes they work within. I don't know how many opportunities there are, but a couple of the bay street firms practice in this area. Fasken comes to mind. Beyond private practice there are a number of Ontario hospitals who have in house counsel.
  2. Question about Vacation during Articling

    The articling student's advice seems spot on to me.
  3. I never understood why Harvey didn't just fund Mike Ross' law school tuition the same way his own tuition was funded by Jessica.
  4. I think on a macro level you could probably find a trend that higher undergrad GPAs would relate to higher law school GPAs, but that doesn't provide a ton of guidance on the micro level. I tend to believe that you should continue to do the things that have worked for you in the past. The only concrete information you have right now is that your current study habits have resulted in grades that are satisfactory to you and your goals. Without more information you can't really second guess that. Edit: I should note that, unlike other people, I view law school as simply more school.
  5. There have been popular legal dramas for so long I would doubt you could track the effect of any particular one on law school applications.
  6. Crypto Currency and Law

    Smart collective agreement: You work X hours, you get paid Y dollars. Can't think of any problems there.
  7. Firm Perks

    From experience it can take a couple of weeks to process. Professionally someone told me that they have found that it can take more than a month, but that seemed odd to me. I also note that going from a two week waiting period to a one week waiting period simply means that there is now a one unpaid week at the end of the leave. In other words, you still only get 50 weeks of benefits.
  8. Firm Perks

    My having a child was the beginning of the end of my days in private practice for this exact reason. Stay strong! When I was in your shoes I thought it would never get better and it does.
  9. Firm Perks

    I am trying to keep a little anonymity.
  10. Firm Perks

    Work stuff.
  11. Firm Perks

    The organization funds a yearly team building event. Last year was a booze cruise of Toronto harbour. That one was less fun. In a week I get to spend two weeks in Niagara on the lake which is a well known hot spot in January.
  12. Firm Perks

    One time we went to an escape room as a team buildung event.
  13. That was a joke. I just realized I didn't make that clear.
  14. Upon reading this I realize I made a terrible mistake a request you delete my account and thousands of posts.
  15. Firm Perks

    Props on using the correct word for perqs.