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  1. How did that joke play in the Borscht belt?
  2. You realize people live (and work!) well past their mid-20s. Some have told of the mythical 50 year old, but that is just a legend designed to scare those of middle age (15 year olds).
  3. I didn't use the credits from the Castle to make my time shorter, but they were extremely helpful to lower my courseload when I did a competitive moot in second year. Those things can suck up a lot of time.
  4. To be clear, I went to law school from 2007-2010 and it's the friends I made at these events that I have kept since then. I also note that I will, from time to time, refer work to these friends.
  5. Not an Osgoode student or alum, but this popped up on my "unread feed" and it piqued my interest. Why did you people regret going to the welcome events?
  6. Best part about leaving private practice.
  7. To be fair to Epeeist, the substance of the harassment complaint was pretty slight in that case.
  8. You didn't infer that arts degrees are easier. It's a debate that keeps coming back on this forum and it's been done to death. Wanted to nip it in the bud.
  9. You can apply to law school with all of the requirements to pursue post-grad opportunities in Psychology. If you are unsure at this point, it would be best to set yourself on the Psychology path, while trying to determine whether you would rather work as a lawyer. The research/lab experience and volunteering experience would be as beneficial as other law school applicant's extracurriculars (which is to say, not all that beneficial). If you are worried that you cannot achieve good marks in those courses on the Psychology path, well, there is no guarantee that you can get good enough marks in any discipline. We shall not reintroduce the "Arts degrees are easier to get good marks in" discussion. Some other specific responses (c) there are tons of good careers that are not evident to someone in first year university. I am in a great career that I never even considered as an undergrad or a law student. As long as you work hard, I think it would be fairly difficult to be completely bust when it comes to a good career. (d) those are not the two choices. There is time for escapades and work. Balance is essential, and your life will require you to figure out how to balance.
  10. My point is trying to figure out if he wants to be able to own a law firm that has $2 million in revenue (which is not an outlandish possibility) or if he wants $2 million in income. The former is something people on this board may actually have insight into, the latter probably not. The human rights stuff is whatever.
  11. Two questions: 1. When you say you want to earn $2 million a year, do you mean you want to have a business that has $2 million in revenue, or you want to have $2 million in income going into your pocket? 2. Why is your plan to have to cover the operating costs of your parents' business(es), as well as their retirement costs, with revenue presumably not draw from those business(es). This comes from your comment: "Therefore, 2 million is my goal because that is approximately how much it would cost for me to take care of my parents when they retire, maintain our properties, maintain our businesses' operating costs and employees' salaries, and have enough left for savings for my own retirement, my future children's tuition, and living expenses for when I pursue human rights law in a few decades." If this is your goal, why isn't your plan simply to take over your parents' business(es)?
  12. Doesn't your school career office offer this service?
  13. We generally wait until you start writing before we make that judgment.