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  1. I read this paragraph and thought you were being paid by someone from the LPP to say those things.
  2. I assume based on your user name it involves 101 children?
  3. Well that's a strange reason to leave. I mean, if you're dissatisfied with your actual compensation, by all means, seek greener pastures. But, as they say, the grass is greener where you water it.
  4. Are you not a member of any legal associations? Usually they host. Also, I get a ton of emails from the law society telling me about CPD events.
  5. Agreed. Associates at my firm were exceptionally generous when I was an articling student. Now I try to pay it forward when I can.
  6. Sounds like it isn't meant to happen.
  7. Maybe send a message to Omar Ha-Redeye and find out how he did it.
  8. Beats me. My entire legal career has been based on one happenstance occurrence after another.
  9. If a single application counts as an attempt, I'd think that's pretty average for an average student.
  10. No shortage of pretentious semicolon use though.
  11. ditto maximumbob. Also, I don't recall there being much about bankruptcy in the materials or exam.
  12. If you're always advocating for a more expansive view of rights, can it really be called a nuanced approach?
  13. I took zero fourth year courses in all of undergrad.
  14. http://judojiko.net/eng/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/en_judo_data110110.pdf Here's a study of every single junior high/high school death in judo in Japan from the years 1983 to 2009. There were 110 deaths. Of those, at most 4 were related to choking:(7, 84, 86, 96). Virtually all others were related to head trauma from throwing. edit: I worry about conflation between breath play and choking, which are not necessarily the same thing.
  15. Please provide your citation for suggesting that being choked is more inherently dangerous than any sport with potential for concussion. edit: Artsydork is correct. I am referring to choking during sport, not self choking. Self choking is obviously extremely dangerous.