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  1. Funny, I was recently at a hiring event where one of the candidates had some spinach in her teeth. We all loved her!
  2. Big firm reputations?

    All I know is I've worked at one of the firms on Bob's list, and I found his description accurate.
  3. Seen in the Ontario Reports

    http://www.lawsocietygazette.ca/news/regulation-paves-way-for-professional-integration/ This article suggests Cappa was the first one. (He was the paralegal I was referring to.)
  4. Seen in the Ontario Reports

    I'm aware of a paralegal who is a partner of a ~30 lawyer full service firm.
  5. First time going to court- Need help

    My advice: Don't open your mouth unless you're making eye contact with the judge.
  6. 2017 Associate Salary Bump (Toronto)

    No, for all his faults, Justin Trudeau has not yet imposed a Stalin-esque 100% employment quota.
  7. Probably dumb question

    I've been involved in way too many conversations surrounding bathroom talking etiquette. It seems to be the case that for men, the bathroom deadbolt is connected to the mouth, and once that door is locked, the mouth is sealed. Women on the other hand seem to be more free with their conversations in stalls, and it's apparently normal to talk to each other between stalls.
  8. Let's do lunch.....NOT

    Found a gem near my office. Caribbean rice and beans + goat gravy + homemade hot sauce for $3.15. You can add meat (jerk chicken, curried goat, curried chicken, oxtail) for a few dollars.
  9. I skim canlii every day on my lunch.
  10. Let's do lunch.....NOT

    I used to just walk to the local supermarket/deli every day and buy a fresh bun and coldcuts for under $2.
  11. Given Credit for Work

    OP, check your bank account every two weeks and see if anything is being deposited in there. That's all the credit you deserve for your work.
  12. Style of Firm Dinners

    I don't need some fancy chef to tell me what the right fork is to eat my salad with. The right fork is whatever fork I decide is the right fork.
  13. Style of Firm Dinners

    I recently went to some charity event with a 5 course meal. If it wasn't bad enough that I used the wrong utensils on the first course, the server took my clean fork and left the dirty one! I was humiliated.