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  1. And if someone as dumb as me can be a lawyer, don't you think you should be fine?
  2. If you would throw away a potential career based on something Jordan Peterson said, then maybe you are an idiot. Edit: I've been staring at women in bikinis for the last 20 minutes and have zero clue what the hell JP is talking about. Although, for reasons solely to promote diversity and nothing to do with personal taste, I'm a little disappointed by the lack of representation of tattooed women.
  3. Case of the nerves

    I experience something pretty similar.
  4. Firm Perks

    Business Development budgets are certainly a thing, and I'd expect universal for mid sized firms and above. Although, they're typically supposed to be used for wining and dining clients, not having a drink with fellow lawyers.
  5. Crypto Currency and Law

    Not sure why there's so much cynicism here. I personally know of two lawyers who have files involving Bitcoin.
  6. Moving from mid-size (articling) to large/national firm

    The OP says "after articling", which we all presume means "immediately after articling with no associate experience". Once you have 2-3 years of associate experience under your belt, you can absolutely lateral over.
  7. I'll vote against this one. There was some good information about examples of Canada failing to live up to its own treaty obligations, but otherwise, the author makes the book too much about himself and injects too much of his own personal commentary. (Which, funny enough, is my exact same criticism of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks -- although Immortal Life is overall fantastic aside from the last few chapters.)
  8. Cold emailing local firms/ soles

    A combination of all of the above. I just didn't learn a whole lot. (Other than that I really don't have the personality to be a sole practitioner!)
  9. Cold emailing local firms/ soles

    I got my 2L summer position in a small town by sending a cold e-mail to a sole practitioner. Did I have a great experience? Not really. Did it help to have that experience while doing articling interviews? Absolutely.
  10. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    Sit down with your boss, acknowledge her heart is in the right place, and tell her what you're prepared to do and not do (with reasonable explanation). One of her central concerns appears to be that you're too agreeable. If you show her that you have a spine, she'll respect you more.
  11. When does an associate become partner?

    My understanding is that if things aren't going well, you're typically given a fair bit of warning to go seek employment elsewhere.
  12. When does an associate become partner?

    At my firm non-equity partners get similar disclosure to equity partners, but have no voting rights. edit: Although, I don't think non-equity partners get disclosure as to what equity partners are being paid!
  13. Funny, I was recently at a hiring event where one of the candidates had some spinach in her teeth. We all loved her!
  14. Big firm reputations?

    All I know is I've worked at one of the firms on Bob's list, and I found his description accurate.