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  1. Articling in criminal defence a pipe dream?

    Depends on office (and province). My rotation prepared me well for criminal duty counsel work but I was no where near to join a criminal defence firm. My family rotation, on the other hand, had me confident and ready for private practice. YMMV. Articling students at LAO won't get trial experience. Unless they have drastically changed the articling student mandate. I worked with senior counsel and was not allowed to assist except with interview prep. I did get to assist with bail, remand, sureties, guilty pleas and the like. But yeah, no actual bail hearings or trials. Still a worthwhile experience though.
  2. I checked my Minerva ten times today. It is making mi-nervas!

    Letters on continued interest are more for those on the wait list. Has admissions even started contacting mature students yet?
  3. Going Into Summer After 2L Without a Job

    Get a non law job if nothing else pans out. Ottawa has a few legal clinics so you might be able to get in as a volunteer. You can also reach out to soles practicing family law and see if you can shadow them for a bit. Or ask if they know whether any interesting motions will be argued. It's hard to go watch family court as conferences are closed to the public.
  4. Best Law School for Social Justice

  5. Best Law School for Social Justice

    Why did you scratch out Windsor? It has a great program for your interests
  6. Don't do alcohol unless you know that she drinks.
  7. Quitting 2L Offer

    So some thoughts. First, to the lawyers and 1ls up in arms, calm down. Second, for those quoting guidelines, civility is also a duty owed. The thing people tend to forget is that many students truly have no idea about these rules. These rules aren't taught during law school.Guidelines for summer students are completely different than the "real world" where you can ethically accept a job yet keep interviewing. And generally, yes people will keep looking for work if they accept a low paying job to ensure some income in the interim. Students will not know these esoteric rules unless they are already enshrined in this legal culture. I sure as heck didn't know the above when I did summer interviews. OP is a student. She grows as she learns. The collective may not like how she responded but geez the toxicity is over the top. Take a step back and remember that OP has different considerations and pressures. She was told the correct response on pg 1. 6 more pages is just overkill. Why does this ALWAYS happen.
  8. Looking at applying to McGill Law - Questions

    ...that's a strange idea. First, where does one just magically publish? Sources matter. Anything publishing an undergrad with no experience in law probably isn't the greatest source. Or publishing in the journal of Predatory Sources Inc. is NOT a positive. Second, law school teaches you what transsystemia is and how to approach it. You don't need to "try" and prove it by published a review. OP does not need to have a published essay or lit review. McGill accepts a variety of activities. I had business people, people who volunteered at food banks, student leaders, activists, academics, etc. in my class. All of my ecs were fine art/academic in nature.
  9. Average Salary of First Year Call in Ottawa

    A posting on the CCLA association news letter has a salary of 55k for a real estate position for a jr call (0-3 years).
  10. Lockyer, Campbell, Posner does appellate stuff too. Appellate work can sometimes fall on your lap. I was close to doing a CFSA appeal (on a minor player within the proceedings) though the main actor was advised her appeal was weak. I got to write the Legal Aid opinion at least for my person. That's how it can start though if you are not part of a firm that is known for appellate work.
  11. U of A vs Queens

    Do you want to work in Toronto? If not, can you afford to fly from Ottawa or Toronto to out west potential 3-4 times per year? Law is jurisdictional. Law school isnt the time to love out your fantasies of moving out of home. Figure out where you want to practice and make decisions from there.
  12. Try your hand at Child Protection What services does your SP offer? SP's would generally rely on the articling student to complete their family pleadings (not me, I like to micromanage my own files) so that they can focus on the court aspect. As a student, however, you can do some fairly decent criminal work. Don't be afraid to ask your principal to delve into other areas and to shadow! You should get to see how a case conference and motion is actually conducted, go to first appearance court and get dates and the like.
  13. Quick reassurance: "cross-qualifying" within Canada

    Yes. Why would they wait months for you to get called in Ontario if they have dozens of applicants within the jurisdiction already?
  14. How to article in Ontario?

    LSUC accepted my very late application to the articling process. I had to pay a late fee.
  15. We're Starting Articles Soon. Give us advice!

    Puppies are cuter than children. Tha5 and child protection frowns upon crating toddlers.