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  1. LOR - Am I screwed?

    December offers were rare my year. It went to those with the most competitive applications. I thought of December as the pre-offer with round 1 actually happening in February.
  2. As someone who used to bug people to speak at overpriced conferences, it amazes me that so many partners were willing to speak for free AND with the understanding that the company that I worked for was (trying and failing) profiting off the talks.
  3. Planning on Applying to McGill - Where do I start?

    Are you completing a 120 degree credit program or 90 credit program (as in, you have advance standing from AP/college credits, or you completed CEGEP)? I ask because McGill doesn't really do in-university transfers. You either get accepted as a CEGEP applicant (~30 are accepted), mature student (involving being out of school) or the university application. McGill adcoms, year after year, state that they haven't accepted a student with an incomplete uni degree in quite some time, except for those that would count as a CEGEP applicant. The above is important. If you're in the usual 90 credit program (usual for Quebec applicants) then of course you'd apply with 60 credits completed. If accepted, it would be conditional on graduation (generally). Take the time to go through the McGill law website. They're pretty clear about what qualities they look for in students. Generally, McGill seems to privilege intelligence and leadership. They look for a diversity of experiences. All of my ECs were research and arts based. My jobs were normal student jobs (RA and retail). It's all about how you spin. I didn't pretend that what I did as a clerk was meaningful to my law school applications - I spun it as working 25+ hours per week, while honouring my ECs AND maintaining my grades. Re: ECs. They're important to McGill. How young are we talking? Like 1st year of UG? or high school? No one cares what you did in high school. Re: French. That's all over this board. But in a nutshell, you have to explain your French capacity in your personal statement. You have to pass a French language interview if they're curious about you AND you don't seem to necessarily have the required French proficiency. I wasn't interviewed but explained that I had worked in French environments without issue. It was one line on my personal statement, and reflected in my CV as I worked retail in a French-dominated part of town. Re: work experience. Work is work. There were people who were professionals and Kindergarten to JD folk.
  4. Cover letter needed for McGill resume?

    No. You're already writing a cover letter for your application - a cover letter for your CV is just over the top.
  5. Should you wear a poppy?

    Yes. White poppies support peace. Good intentions but not the best symbol/timing. Honouring vets isn't to glorify war. Better use of time to promote peace at a different time.
  6. Should you wear a poppy?

    Not wearing one is not an active dishonourment though. Don't get lost in symbols.
  7. TWU - The Big Show

    Oh honey...
  8. What can a summer criminal law student do?

    Yup, but students to be a bit careful on super-summary offences... Summer students might also do surety prep, bail assist (phoning bed programs, confirming attendance at work/hospital), etc.
  9. London, Ontario - Realistic Career Opportunity?

    Most don't hire counsel, which is a problem. It could be a niche market area. There are London lawyers that do practice in the area - Harrison Pensa and Cohen Highley, but those are both very high-priced firms. I think it's Cohen Highley that does representations in front of the Child and Family Review Board. I believe that may be restricted to lawyers as it touches on the CFSA. I would suggest reaching out to the lawyers that practice in the area and talk whether they feel it may be realistic for a paralegal to expand to.
  10. TWU - The Big Show

    Quebec is going to keep trying to pass some sort of law (perhaps other provinces as well) until the SCC says "lawl no."
  11. TWU - The Big Show

    Given that McGill has an Islamic Studies department, the hypothetical is silly and continues to deride the main point. In any case, Bill 62 is going to be heard in the SCC in like 4 years.
  12. Articling and Reception Duties

    I'm a third year call and I still answer the phone if our clerk or office manager are busy. Our founding lawyer answers the phone is other people are busy. I did desk duty when I articled. I got to draft and respond to emails while answering the phone or checking people in. Clients want to speak to a human whenever possible. A friendly voice saying "Sorry, lawyer not here" is more calming than leaving 7 voice mails.
  13. Seen in the Ontario Reports

    With that font, I thought that I was going to be cordially invited to something.
  14. London, Ontario - Realistic Career Opportunity?

    You may want to research whether paralegals have standing and what you would offer. "Education law" is fairly broad - academic disputes, students being expelled, school contracts/procurement, discipline against professionals, etc. Few law schools offer courses in education law. Looking at Fanshawe, they don't either. It's fairly pertinent given the college strike though