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  1. uOttawa vs. Osgoode

    Can confirm the awesomeness of CIPPIC.
  2. uOttawa vs. Osgoode

    Your response pretty much covers it - your partner will have a much easier time with a transfer to Ottawa as opposed to quitting and looking for work. Go to Ottawa. Enjoy it and don't look back.
  3. Folks Outside the Law

    FWIW, a colleague re-entered graphic design, another went into HR, others in admin positions at various ngos, and other is a motivational speaker/blogger/life coach. You won't get too many posters here contributing on a law forum about their non-law life. It's doubtful that anyone who disliked law to the point of not practicing would chat about law school
  4. uOttawa vs. Osgoode

    What does your fiancee do? Can they easily find work in Ottawa as compared to Toronto? What is your budget like?
  5. Applying to UdeM Law (Advice Needed)

    To be frank, if you are really only interested in law, I highly suggest applying to UOttawa's civil program, Sherbrooke and Laval. All may lead back to Montreal job-wise if that is your concern. FWIW, I know of people accepted at UdM with 3.4, and others who weren't.
  6. University of Moncton - Civil Law??

    Moncton is a common law school.
  7. Does your French REALLY matter?

    He teaches in English too. I took 2 courses with him (Family law, Family Property), both taught in English, both with a healthy dose of French readings.
  8. We have a saying on this board (thanks, AN!) - Don't be a prestige hussy. Calgary and UBC are both great schools so a big congrats on your accomplishment. Why is Toronto an option if you want to work and live in Calgary? Do you want to fly back for interviews/visit family? That's expensive and time consuming. Vancouver to Calgary is at least cheaper and easier to do - you can day trip that in a worst case scenario. Think of debt, tuition difference, where you would live, and long-term goals. If you want criminal law, well, you'll need local connections, and little debt.
  9. Don't schools generally include the caveat that the mature student category is a combination of a certain age + out of school for X amount of years? To the OP generally - if you are pursuing an MBA, why not just try for the joint program? Or is this more an an MSc in Business?
  10. Does your French REALLY matter?

    Pzabby, have you jad a Leckey assignment where he asks for 1 inch margin on the left, 1.75 on the right, .75 margins on the top and bottom, with size 11 font? He can crack down in sone ways 😄😄 You need to have strong French comprehension. Students may ask questions in their language of choice. They can also do presentations in French. Those presentations could be examinable material. Readings may be assigned in French. Leckey had French readings in his exam, which we were asked to reflect on.
  11. Firm Perks

    Small firm here. We have coffee (Lavazza usually) and k-cups too. We do weekly groceries. I get an annual CPD stipend (including hotels), lawpro/society fees paid. Generally get taken out to lunch on a bi-weekly basis (dive diner tho). I've had gas comped a few times for doing out-of-town appearances. I have my own office now - I used to have a desk in the kitchen when we were renting space. Geez. Sounds like some of the bosses here are cheap. Previously at Legal Aid - lololololololololololololololololololololol. I had to put my lunch in the law library fridge, 2 floors away from my shared desk. Actually, I didn't get a shared desk until I was called - I had to "borrow" desk space when I was articling. Actually, on official business, I was allowed $10 for breakfast (if breakfast was not included at the conference), lunch (15) dinner ($20). Never had an issue getting reimbursed though. Was also given mileage (40 cents per km).
  12. Firm Perks

    Nespresso pods is not a selling point. Tell your firm to get a real machine.
  13. Current Canadian Law School Rankings??

    The most prestigious law school is wherever I attended. I can't actually read my degree because it is in latin but that means it is extra prestigious. The worst school is wherever I was either not accepted or some poster that I dislike attends. Given that I was accepted everywhere I applied (aka, that 1 school), there are no bad schools. I would much rather rank gluten-free bread. Or eclectic folktronica albums. Or best weed store names. or legal puns.
  14. No. My tax litigation friend majored in poli sci, my corporate immigration friend english lit, the insolvency lawyer has a theatre degree, the ADR corporate lawyer (with a health side practice) has a religion degree, the criminal defence an opera degree, etc. The only undergrad that perhaps steers a legal career are hard sciences for IP law. Even then, a friend with a CEGEP degree in multimedia arts, and a friend with a business degree, are both IP lawyers in Montreal. To the OP: All degrees lead to law school. The whole gamut, including majors you'll never have heard of, will be represented at law school (though perhaps less of the hard sciences since science is scary to lawyers).