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  1. Don't get a dog prior to or during articling. Look, articling is a big deal. You need to be able to devote your time and energy to it. Plus, you'll want to head out occasionally to grab drinks, dinner, show whatever. I have dogs. I love them to death but it's a significant time commitment for significant period of time; 8-15 years. If you want doggy contact, offer to walk friends, volunteer at the humane society - they always want dog walkers, etc. It's a decent compromise middle ground solution so that you can get your doggy fix but not have the commitment. Once you're out and practicing for a while, then you'll be better placed to decide if you are in a good spot to commit to a dog. You'll know your hours, where you're living etc.
  2. Let's do lunch.....NOT

    One bloggers thoughts on the matter....
  3. Let's do lunch.....NOT

    I bring my lunch almost every day. That being said, the one benefit not mentioned about buying your lunch out is that it gets you out of the office. I think there is a benefit to getting out away from your desk, walking wherever you have to go to get lunch and then walking back. It may be a brief break but the walk/break combo I think can pay off.
  4. Send me a PM. If you're still looking for someone to do the presenting, I can hook you up with someone. I have a shit ton of buddies who practice out there.
  5. Apply. If you get in, then worry. And yes, if you get it, take it. Not sure why this is even a question.
  6. "Sketchy" Articling Offer

    I question the intelligence of anyone that appeared in said video if it exists. Fun is fun but that kind of thing has the potential to be a career killer in this day and age.
  7. I think I posted a version of this somewhere before, either here or lawbuzz. 0-4/5 years - you spend every moment shitting your pants because you don't know what you are doing 4/5-8/9 years - you become more confident and believe that you have a handle on everything 8/9 years on - you realize you were full of shit, you don't have a handle on everything but you become comfortable with it and don't sweat it as much
  8. LPP

    I think what is also missing from the conversation is that the articling experience is so uneven. Some firms do a great job of teaching their students, others not so much. And that includes the factories on Bay.
  9. LPP

    It may all be moot anyway; Law Society looking at dumping the LPP
  10. I apologize if my use of back door seemed perjorative, I did not mean it as a condemnatory comment. It was more meant to be descriptive in the sense that it wasn't the usual route. That being said, I stand by my questioning the utility of it. I agree with Bob, articling in BC, particularly if you want to practice there, is the better way to go. I also agree with Diplock that even if you do the LPP and transfer, you're going to be back in the same situation you are now; trying to find work in a very tight market with questionable credentials (questionable in the sense of the LPP not being known or comprehensible). Cast your articling search net wider; smaller centres, and be relentless.
  11. I'm confused. If OP wants to be a lawyer in BC, graduated from law school but didn't article, why not get an articling position in BC? Why do the rigamarole in Ontario with the LPP and then transfer? I get the difficulty of finding an articling job in BC and that the proposed route may be a "backdoor" way but really if you truly want to practice law out in lotus land, get an articling job there, learn the law there and........fuck it, never mind.
  12. I knew a partner who would bill up to at least the 75% limit of what could be charged on a file, but only do 25% of the work and then toss it to an associate to do the remaining bulk of the work but only get 25% of the billing. Needless to say, his files were avoided like the plague.
  13. Housemate for articling

    My backyard. You're welcome to partake but it comes with the hazard of seeing me in a bathrobe. Fair warning......
  14. Certificate framing

    I'm curious, do most of you have degrees etc. framed and on your office wall? I think mine are in the basement somewhere. Not out of any sort of modesty or anything more procrastination/laziness. I worked with a guy who had just about everything he had ever done framed and on his wall. He'd been called in 3 provinces, worked on an admin tribunal for a while and was in the Forces so he had it all up on the wall of his office. Being a repressed wasp I always thought it was a bit much but clients seemed to like it based upon the conversations I overheard. I think it was as much a conversation starter as at a look at me.