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  1. LPP

    Who is claiming that? I've never heard anyone.
  2. LPP

    I think you'll find anomalies at many, if not most, Canadian law schools when you look at the Admitted threads. I exchanged PMs earlier this summer with a couple of Calgary admits whose GPAs were below 3.0 and with LSAT scores in the 150s. Schools like Ottawa and Osgoode who focus more on GPA than LSAT are likely to have a few accepted students with lower LSAT scores. I personally know a couple of Ottawa grads who entered with stats that some here would have indicated that they didn't deserve to go to law school, and who did very well and ended up with good jobs, one with a clerkship. Same with a couple I know from UMan, which typically enrolls many who have lower stats than some other law schools. I'm with BQ. I don't think it matters all that much that a small percentage might get in with lower stats, depending on the particular school's assessment method. Adcoms aren't stupid. They want students who are going to succeed. If there was a history of these lower stat admits not doing well upon graduation, you can bet that things would change.
  3. Finding a Place to Live

    If you are not in Ottawa, you need to get here and look in person. Doing this remotely is virtually impossible. Being able to jump on a place that you like, immediately is important. I don't know anyone who found a place here without actually being here and looking in person.
  4. You're right, there is no formula. There's a process but it's certainly not perfect. I was simply giving an example of how it's done at my firm. Other firms almost certainly have a different process. I can't give you the answer you're looking for as to why this happened to you. None of us can. We can only offer our limited advice as to what you might do going forward.
  5. @hmyo I know this has been mentioned briefly by a couple of people, but I think it's often an important factor in this round of hiring, and you haven't addressed it in your replies here. You certainly don't have to do so but it might be worth considering. Many smaller firms want to see strong demonstrated interest in the area(s) of law that they practice. If you can't demonstrate interest by course selection, ECs, previous experience, then you are automatically at a disadvantage, regardless of how great your grades are. The comment about the firm's 'profile' may have referred to the type of work they do. Our firm doesn't participate in the articling recruit any longer because we do the 2L OCI recruit but when we did, we typically got 100+ apps for two positions. We narrowed down those 100, first by grades, then another narrowing by strong demonstrated interest, to then give out ~20 interview offers for 2 positions. Those 20 students were strong candidates and even if 10 were stronger than the other ten, that still meant that 8 strong candidates did not receive an offer. That didn't mean that those 8 weren't great individuals with excellent potential. It just meant that we only had spots for 2. And, in fact, any 2 of those 20 would likely have been good articling students. It is a difficult process for all involved, and there's no way to make it perfect. Take a few days to be angry/sad/frustrated then move on to consider what you need to do during 3L to focus on positions that will inevitably come available in the coming months. Look at your course selection, your EC participation, the type of work you will enjoy, and do what you need to do to make yourself a great candidate for those jobs. Reach out to lawyers at firms who practice in those areas. Make yourself known. Speak to your profs, maybe get an RA position with one of them for the school year. Be in touch often with your CDO. Keep an eye out on whatever sites will advertise positions through the year. There is a lot you can do but you can allow your anger to motivate you to start, but then you'll need to let that anger go.
  6. Ryerson Admissions

    Have they received the necessary approvals? I haven't heard anything. What's the point on speculating what the admissions requirements might be?
  7. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Please keep the posts here to changes to the waitlist only. Any discussion should be in the other thread that was set up. I've hidden a few posts here that were heading into the discussion path. Thank you. This thread is going to present enough difficulty for next year's waitlist students, let's not make it even worse.
  8. @QueensGrad You're replying to a three year old post.
  9. Regular vs. Co-op Programs in Admissions

    Welcome to the forum! 1. You should probably direct these questions to someone at U of T so that you get an actual answer and not a guess from people here. 2. Unless something has changed, U of T will not include summer coursework in their gpa assessment.
  10. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    I have unlocked this but please only post changes to the waitlist. Keep any discussion in the other thread. Thank you.
  11. Well, that about does it for this thread. And yet another reminder to members here that more than one account is not allowed. Seriously, how many times do we have to say this?!
  12. Gym Memberships for Law Students

    It's in the Rideau Centre and there's a parking garage.
  13. Mid-life crisis during Articling?

    Almost as intolerable as NYC lawyers! @shawniebear A reminder that you have one hour in which to edit your posts and then they are here forever. You are giving a good amount of detail here and you never know who is reading.
  14. 10 reasons TO go to my law school

    I have a non-lawyer friend who moved to Winnipeg for work and he is happy there. Two things that he mentions, often, are the good arts/theatre scene and some delicious donuts. I forget the name of the donut shop. :)
  15. US Biglaw with Canadian JD?

    Unless something has changed recently, Canadian grads are eligible to write the bar in NY and MA.