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  1. Stark contrast between cGPA and L2

    And yet another good opportunity to remind people that more than one account is not allowed!!
  2. As much as we all love seeing 0Ls having pointless arguments that have nothing to do with the original post, let's get this discussion back on track. Thank you.
  3. Ottawa Summer Student Salary Numbers

    Believe it or not, some of us love living in Ottawa. ;) And as I mentioned, when you're ready to buy a home, if you want to live in a nice residential neighbourhood and be able to walk to work, you won't find the same opportunities in larger cities. Additionally, Ottawa has the amenities of a large city and you can still get virtually anywhere in a 15-20 minute drive. As for Montreal, unless you are bilingual, you will find it difficult to get hired into the same sort of employer as you would in Ottawa or Toronto.
  4. Ottawa Summer Student Salary Numbers

    Ottawa real estate is definitely less expensive than Toronto or Vancouver. If you want to live in a city where you are walking distance to work, and want to live in a nice residential neighbourhood, there is no comparison. That isn't necessarily the case, depending on the firm, and on your practice area.
  5. Osgoode vs UBC

    Okay, I think that about wraps things up here.
  6. Does any law school actually have a quiet law library?

    My point was that it isn't common and that students shouldn't be worrying about having to deal with blasting music in a law office.
  7. Does any law school actually have a quiet law library?

    Okay, people, let's not get too carried away with this. I've been in dozens of law offices, of various sizes, and have never heard music 'blasting' in any of them. Getting used to working in such an environment isn't going to be an issue for the vast majority of lawyers.
  8. Does any law school actually have a quiet law library?

    A good illustration of why it's wise to live close enough to campus to be able to easily go home between classes.
  9. Health Law Practice

    You'll have to give thought to what type of practice you want in 'health law'. It isn't just one type of practice. Think about what type of work you'd like to do, what type of employer you'd like to work for, who you are interested in representing, whether you prefer doing litigation or solicitor work, etc. Personal injury? CMPA litigation? Government policy work? Union arbitration? Relatively few Ontario hospitals have in-house legal departments of any size, and most, outside of the large Toronto hospital networks, will have no in-house lawyers. They farm out their legal work to a variety of firms, depending on the issue, e.g., McCarthy's does a lot of hospital development work, Miller Thomson often does OHA work.
  10. 90k in house v 110k at firm

    Again, as I said earlier, this is going to depend largely on what type of in-house position you have. While salary may increase more slowly, it's possible that other perqs and benefits may outweigh those at a firm, e.g., stock options, pension, etc., not to mention a more balanced and controllable work/life situation. There is no one single answer to this comparison. As for the OP, it makes little sense, if he truly wants to eventually end up in-house, to turn down the offer now.
  11. Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    Go for it, epeeist! That doesn't seem to stop others!
  12. Summer classes

    Unless something has changed, U of T does not include summer courses in their assessment.
  13. Additionally, if you saw the number of firms where the CMPA is the top-billed client, you wouldn't feel inferior to doctors! ;)
  14. I don't think it's that unusual for some people to score well on the LSAT without months of studying. In the month before I wrote, I skimmed a Powerscore book, did a couple of practice tests, and scored a 169. Would I have scored higher if I did more prep? Who knows. That score was good enough to get me into the two schools to which I applied. I know a lot of lawyers, and students, who didn't study for months, who didn't take a course, but who also did well on their first write. I didn't even know that so many people write more than once until I saw that here on ls.ca. That wasn't the case for the people I knew. Similarly, I am always a little surprised at the students who switch from a desire for med school to law school, usually when they find that they aren't getting into med school. The professions are very different, obviously. And again, I don't know anyone personally who did that. We have two family friends who did both med school and then law school, and both went on to become coroners. Also, one of my law school classmates then went on to med school. As for which has the more difficult admissions requirements? Seriously, who cares.
  15. Queens vs Windsor

    Actual number of students in actual classes isn't going to vary much between schools. Every school will have sections in 1L. It isn't as though you're going to be sitting in class with 200 or 300 classmates. Look at student/faculty ratios if that interests you. As for diversity, check the student profile pages of each school you're interested in. I can't speak for Queen's or Western but I attended a U of T event in the fall and this year's class has ~30% visible minorities and Aboriginal. As always, check with the schools directly and don't rely solely on information given here. Have you visited both schools? Either school? You're in Ontario so you should make every effort to do so. It will undoubtedly help you decide where you want to spend the next three years.