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  1. Life After the SCC

    Let's try to be helpful here and if you can't be helpful, scroll on by. To the OP, congratulations. You're in for an interesting and rewarding year. My guess is that you likely have an area of interest when it comes to eventual practice, right? You may have spent summers at a firm pursuing that possibility? Is returning to that firm not possible? By this point, you should have a good idea of what type of practice you want. Very few clerks that I know went on to do an LLM with the idea of going into academia. No, there are not really typical paths. There are probably as many different paths as there are clerks, in my experience. If you haven't even started the clerkship, it's a little early to be working on your resume. If you'd like to discuss further, send me a PM.
  2. Bay Street Bonuses

    This is the type of definitive statement that no one should put too much stock in, especially when it's made by an articling student. As Uriel said above, practices aren't transparent, even within a firm.
  3. Sending final transcripts

    June 30th is the final date for OLSAS to receive your final transcripts. If that's what they ask for, send them. How many times have we seen members here get different answers when they call a school and ask a question, depending to whom they speak. Why would you take a chance that it would be a problem at this point? For what, a $20 transcript request? To the OP: have you inquired about why your grades aren't posted? That seems odd considering you've already had your degree conferred.
  4. Waitlist 2018?

    The timing of those offers is likely more coincidence than relevant to the LOCIs.
  5. Best way to get summaries in 1L?

    Getting a good summary for every course is not essential, it isn't even necessary. Make your own. Then you will have done the work to review all your notes, and that is a good way to prepare for exams. You also will know that you have done a good job, something you won't be able to guarantee from someone else's summary. I am always skeptical of students who are willing to rely on the summary of someone they don't know. Make your own. It isn't necessary to have someone else's as a baseline.
  6. Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    No, there's no correlation between when you were put on the waitlist and what your rank will be when it's finally numbered. The first person to post about being on the waitlist last year, if I'm remembering correctly, wasn't accepted off the waitlist until sometime in late August. When they do get around to numbering it and notifying applicants, they typically start with #1 and go up from there. At some point, the list may be renumbered depending on who has withdrawn from the list and on who may have been admitted.
  7. Law School Debt

    To the OP: All these suggestions of working on Bay and/or NY for your 1L and 2L summers as a way to cut down on your debt are fine, but keep in mind that most people do not get those positions. Keep your indebtedness as low as possible throughout law school. You will have far more options re: your career path and eventual practice if you do.
  8. The OP is asking about college credits. In the past, there have been some schools that did not include college grades in their assessment. Best to check with the schools on your list.
  9. Applying in 3rd year worth it?

    Assessing apps as an employer, none of those things would occur to me if I saw someone had only done three years of undergrad.
  10. Applying in 3rd year worth it?

    I'm always in favour of someone finishing their degree. All things considered, you'll be a more competitive candidate competing with the vast majority of applicants who will have a four year degree, and ~25% of them will also have a graduate degree. There are likely a small number of successful third year applicants at many schools, with the possible exception of U of T. I didn't know any when I was there.
  11. Those of you debating back and forth about accommodations, I think all that may be helpful to the OP has been said. If you would like to continue that debate, please take it to PM. Thanks. There's no reason that someone with anxiety should automatically discount going to law school or entering the profession. Anxiety exists in every profession and stress and pressures in law are not going to present more difficulties than in any other profession.
  12. How does McGill bucket students ?

    I have to admit that in all the years that I've participated here, I have never heard of McGill, or any other school for that matter, 'bucketing' applicants in this way. McGill does keep a certain number of spots for CEGEP students but, other than that, I am not aware of any other limitations or quotas on particular categories. I would urge anyone who is interested in this topic to contact McGill and ask for specific details. If they are, indeed, separating by limited numbers in this way, then they should be able to tell you what those numbers are and how they will deal with a situation where a Quebec/Canadian resident attends a U.S. school for undergrad.
  13. The acceptance rate is not less than 10%. Many more than 180 offers will be made in order to yield 180 students enrolling. Not everyone who receives a McGill acceptance will attend.
  14. Keep or get rid of car?

    Moving closer is a good idea. And if you are here now, enjoy this spectacular day!