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  1. Where To Live in Toronto

    Agreed. My reply was in response to coffeeandlaw's question referencing the financial district.
  2. Osgoode or U of T for public sector

    It shouldn't be that surprising. Clinics/intensives are not the only way to get what you need for any particular path. Keep in mind that you have a certain amount of time to do what you want/need to do in law school. Course selection will/should be the primary way for you to experience/learn what interests you and , although I haven't looked at each school's recently, when I was at U of T, there wasn't a lack of any particular type of course availability at either school. Practical experience through clinics will be helpful in some areas of the law but not all. Not everyone participates in these clinics/intensives/programs. In addition to that, it's a mistake to think that the students at U of T are more Bay St focused than those at Osgoode. Have a look at the websites of many Bay St firms and you'll see many Osgoode grads. It has always been that way, and likely always will. Typically, in the OCI recruitment, the two schools have a similar number of students who are hired. The difference is that Osgoode has ~100 more students in each cohort. You'll find varied student interests at both schools, as you likely will at most Canadian law schools.
  3. Where To Live in Toronto

    Yeah, $1800 maybe. $1400 would be pretty much impossible.
  4. Firm Perks

    Three family members extended their leaves (all teachers) to 18 months and their kids did fine at the Montessori's they went to at that age. No meltdowns by the kids. Now the adults, that's another matter. ;)
  5. Firm Perks

    I agree with Uriel that future dads, and moms, should be at the forefront of spearheading these efforts. I guess the people I know are incredibly lucky to have received what they have and certainly, in Ottawa, it appears that the firms are far more progressive here than most of those in the centre-of-the-universe! My husband and I are each doing six months with a month of overlap that will be taken from banked 2017 vacation time. Both firms offer a generous top up to EI. @benjuryon Being grateful that you didn't have to fight for the limited amount of time you were off, and with the way it was constructed, is understandable but it really isn't any great offering by your firm. I hope that going forward, the women at your firm will step up with improved policies. It's true that many births have subsequent issues that require assistance and not everyone is fortunate enough to have family living in the same city to offer that assistance.
  6. Firm Perks

    I love NOTL but two weeks? What could you possibly do for two weeks there? Our winter retreat is at Mt. Tremblant.
  7. There's no way that a firm should be making a student pay disbursements, any student, not just one who is not being paid. It would be nice to have more information about the NCA student who was new to Canada. Why did he need a firm to help him with PR status? On what basis did he enter the country? Many employers do not pay licensing fees, not just sole practitioners or small firms. If you're doing a clerkship, don't expect to have your fees paid. I feel for some of the students who are unable to find an articling position. I don't know many, and some of them are good candidates who for whatever reason, have not found a spot, but not all are good candidates and there are likely reasons that some of them find themselves in this position.
  8. This is the Accepted thread, people. Take the other conversations elsewhere. Thank you.
  9. Do Law firms hire incoming ILs in any capacity?

    I'm not sure there are nuanced definitions of bullshitting. Seriously, though, have you never had a job up until this point? Not in high school or university? You likely have already learned transferrable skills. You don't need to point that out in an interview, and you don't need to bullshit whomever is interviewing you. You are overthinking this. There is no magic solution to getting a job in the 2L recruitment by having the right job in your 0L summer.
  10. Do Law firms hire incoming ILs in any capacity?

    Okay, so one corporate lawyer finds it important. In any case, most people I know had that type of retail or service job either during university or high school. It isn't as though it has to be the summer before 1L and it isn't as though it is going to be a determining factor by the time you're going through job recruitment.
  11. Firm Perks

    I know I am fortunate, providence. I realize it isn't the norm nationwide. It is fairly common in Ottawa, though, as I know lots of lawyer dads who have taken/are taking parental leave. Many will share the time. Far higher ratio than 1 in 10 here, at least among lawyers. Is it lawyers you're referring to with that statistic? I also know several in Toronto, although I have no way of knowing what the actual norm is. The extended parental leave is pretty pointless since the amount of EI has remained the same.
  12. Firm Perks

    Yes, I know. I was simply adding it to my list. And size of the firm isn't always a good indicator. I'm at a small boutique and get a great top up. To the young'uns reading this, don't make the mistake of assuming that the 'older male lawyers' are all looking to do whatever is necessary to not have women having babies and not pay them during their leave. That couldn't be further from the case at my firm, which is run by older male lawyers. And also don't assume that those 45 year olds on an executive committee are going to be more understanding and more likely to advocate for good parental leave top up than the 60 year olds would. I think there's probably an opportunity to ask this question during the interview process but I would be a bit discreet about inquiring and choose your target thoughtfully. Lawyers know that parental leave is here to stay and, from what I've seen, I doubt that it's going to affect hiring in any noticeable way. Since both mom and dad take some parental leave in many instances, are they just not going to hire anyone who might become a parent?
  13. Do Law firms hire incoming ILs in any capacity?

    The OP was asking about the summer prior to 1L, not after. I disagree with it being a huge risk. It isn't. Although I agree that these types of positions are extremely rare without having a connection, it is not going to put anyone at a disadvantage when applying to other firms. No one cares much what you do during the summer before you start law school. A job at a law office, if you can swing it, can be interesting depending what you're doing. You'll meet a variety of smart and interesting people. You may even make some connections for the future. You'll be in a nice office. It's not the worst way to spend a summer that isn't really going to count for anything going forward.
  14. Osgoode vs Queens- Pls Halp

    I think most schools are likely to have the same policy re: bursaries being divulged in the fall of 1L, but I know, in the past at least, the large entrance scholarships at Osgoode are offered at the same time as the early offers, or within a few days.
  15. Firm Perks

    One other perq that I neglected to mention earlier is a top up to EI for parental leave.