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  1. How much does being close matter?

    UVic is a much better option for Vancouver than UofC. It isn't simply distance but also the law you study and more importantly the amount of your colleagues that will be practicing in Vancouver or nearby. Your classmates are a huge advantage in your career, having them nearby matters.
  2. Suits For Men

  3. From HR Manager to Employment Lawyer

    You are pretty unlikely to get that many A's in law school, literally no one in my law school class had above a 3.7 gpa. A solid B average (top40%ish) at most schools with your experience will likely land you a job that you want. TBH though it is a huge opportunity cost for not that big a change. I wouldn't do it.
  4. Suits For Men

    I just use a tote I bought from Everlane for $50 most days. I wouldn't spend much more on a shoulder bag. Save the money for a real briefcase. I missed the shirt recommendations but the Tiebar shirts are also good, pretty similar to Charles Tyrwhitt in quality.
  5. Are there too many law school graduates/students?

    I think that access to justice is a bigger deal than there being too many law school graduates. But I am not sure that our system is a cost-effective means of training lawyers for the masses. A degree that costs upwards of $150,000 in tuition and opportunity cost is not a viable means of giving people a lawyer when they are making $50k.
  6. Dalhousie vs. TRU

    I'd go to Dalhousie over TRU. Dalhousie out of necessity places well throughout the country and is significantly more reputable.
  7. Alberta or UCalgary?

    Larger and better faculty resulting in more and better classes. In addition, it has stronger students academically.
  8. Alberta or UCalgary?

    Neither school has any appreciable edge in employment. Alberta is a stronger school academically. Hard to compare difficulty between the two, Alberta relies more on numbers whereas Calgary is more holistic.
  9. The master's won't increase your value as a lawyer substantially (probably at all), it might help somewhat getting a job, but the cost is massive for a relatively small bump in employability. This is an either/or, planning on both is silly. I would not expect anything to prepare you for law school, I know a lot of people that went to law school with graduate studies and even the ones with PHD's did no better than the average student.
  10. Suits For Men

    Any colour is sufficient for a topcoat, it is assumed you would only have one. It is personal preference, I would avoid black unless you like stark contrasts and don't wear a lot of earth colours. But that is simply a matter of coordinating your accessories (e.g. it is hard to match say a brown tweed tie with a black topcoat but not navy or grey).
  11. Suits For Men

    They are also non-iron. They are not exactly cheap but seems okay value for the price. Hmm, I am actually not sure because I got barrel cuff for these but all my CT are French. I suspect they run pretty a tad long if anything, but I'd ask the company if I was in this position.
  12. This is your career, this knowledge matters. Grades are secondary to making sure you know as much as you can.
  13. Suits For Men

    Ended up picking up a few shirts from the Tie bar, was impressed. I like them more than Charles Tyrwhitt, Brooks Brothers ESF, and other similarly priced items.
  14. U of A v. U of Sask - Grading Scale?

    When I was at UofA used under a B median too. In 1L it was like a 2.8 or something like that.