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  1. Vacation

    Had two weeks off. I believe I used all of my time. It was encouraged/required.
  2. Vacation

    Honestly I'm not sure it's that different for other jurisdictions, though you would need to ask lawyers from those provinces...
  3. TWU - The Big Show

    I'm looking forward to the decision which hopefully upholds the LSUC's decision.
  4. I hate the fact that apparently three emoticons and five images cover the range of human expression. I blame Facebook.
  5. For those in Ontario, I strongly recommend reviewing the Ontario Reports which should be available on a weekly basis and do have a careers section...
  6. I don't think it really matters all that much. All that said, I don't think MDs are all that different from JDs. In the end, you spent 5+ (and probably, 7+) years in school to (likely) earn multiple degrees. Whether they're graduate, professional, second-entry, or any other term, what difference does it make?
  7. Switching from In-House to Law Firm

    Why do you want to work at a firm? Is there something about the lifestyle you would prefer? I think you need to figure out what it is you're looking for first, but I could be mistaken.

    Well, to be fair, they've gone up a quarter of a percentage point. While that's not insignificant on a $100,000 loan, it's not like they've gone up 5%.
  9. Well I mean, I didn't just amass an extra 762 messages over night, so I guess it didn't work correctly? Or maybe it now counts all message's instead of received messages or something. That said, I appreciate the fix Morgan, thank you.
  10. I think you're asking the wrong question. What is it you actually want to do? You're likely not going to find that answer in law school, by the way. Law that you find interesting in a class room may not be an interesting area to practice in, because of what the job entails.
  11. The problem with having been on the site for a long time, helping lots of people, and running multiple fantasy leagues I suppose.
  12. In all due seriousness, I can't actually send any messages right now and I can't easily get to the oldest messages to delete those. Is there some way to disable that feature or make it less restrictive?
  13. Well... I mean, if I were to go on my LinkedIn and survey the in-house counsel jobs across the country, some require significant experience (e.g.: 10+ years), but most require 3-5 years and there are some "entry level" type in-house counsel jobs. I'm not saying that it's as obvious of a path as heading to a law firm, I just think there are some non-alternative paths that don't involve government.
  14. I'm just wondering when this occurred. Apparently I can't send or receive messages any more, because I now am at 172% of the new limit Used 172% messenger storage Is this a new "feature"?