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  1. Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    I’m admitted! I was #22 originally. Good luck all!!!
  2. Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    I was #22 which means I should be at 10 if #12 got an offer already. I’m so worried that they have filled all the spots. If they hadn’t I’d suspect they’d move the list faster. I read through all the posts and understand that in the past they took way more people off the wait list but perhaps it’s different this year. Uggg this is a killer wait.
  3. Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

  4. Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    I’m #22. I’m really hope that means I’m in. I also hope they tell me soon so I can look for family housing and find a school and child care for my daughter.