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  1. last 57 credits?

    I’ll save you the phone call, @octoputin ‘s answer is accurate. I spoke to them about this a month ago
  2. (3.6/160+) chances?

    thanks guys😎
  3. (3.6/160+) chances?

    hey guys! joined this site a while ago but held off on making one of these until a date closer to the LSAT. I'll be applying to schools in western canada, top two contenders being U of A and U of C. my diagnostic LSAT 4 months ago was 159 and now i routinely score into the high 160's/low 170's, so im going to operate under the assumption that i score a 160+ on test day (obviously might not happen but more likely than not I wont score lower than my diagnostic) cGPA is 3.3, L2=3.6/3.69 (do they round up?) decent softs and PS, will have pretty good LOR's but thats all pretty subjective. thanks for your time
  4. September 8 LSAT

    the man (woman? not to assume) speaks the truth! i went through a really bad burnout in mid june because of studying too much LR, and my scores dipped for that reason. I took a break for 2 weeks and when i went back my scores were higher than they were prior to burnout. you really do yourself a disservice by not allowing your brain to rest and absorb your new problem solving processes. that being said, a 2 week break isn't feasible in august, so heres what i do- a prep test once, maybe twice a week, blind review it the same or next day. the day after that, i grab a different preptest, and just work on LG as it doesn't require much reading, and is by far my weakest section. i write in september as well, feel free to pm if you wanna shoot the shit about test taking strategies
  5. 10 reasons not to go to my school.

    can you say polar opposites much, holy! I am from edmonton so a lot of what Setto and Studentlife said about the city is old news (north side can be one scary mf). What stood out to me was: a) job market conditions- is the shittyness exclusive to edmonton right now or is it pretty pervasive across the industry? because i dont mind moving tbh, I did a lot as a kid- kinda kept things fresh. b) course selection and conflicts- heard this was pretty shitty but what school actually has decent course selections, if one exists please let me know. p.s: man ive been to beercade many times (hate it so much) but i never got a country vibe like the ranch. funny how that works haha.
  6. 10 reasons not to go to my school.

    anyone wanna do a current one for U of A
  7. Old LR vs Current

    Its weird, but i just started Preptests 72-81 and my score has shot up almost 5-6 points in comparison to the older tests

    sounds like deferring to Nov might be the best bet if you dont feel ready for Sept

    I worked full time up until last week, and i found i had to give up a lot of my social life and gym time to be able to stay focused on studying. I feel you though, it really does require a fresh mind in order to start seeing the structural relationships on the test. is there anyway you would be able to take time off to study or nah?
  10. Applying in my fourth year of undergrad

    GPA is identical to mine. Gives me hope, if I can get the lsat to go my way
  11. Applying in my fourth year of undergrad

    what kind of GPA did you have if you dont mind me asking?
  12. L2 calculation

    thank you! made my life way easier
  13. TAKING THE LSAT SEPT 8, 2018

    It helped me to do the PT in the morning and then review it at night. That way it’s not as fatiguing or cumbersome
  14. TAKING THE LSAT SEPT 8, 2018

    this is exactly what I’m doing. Toss an experimental section in there as well, then blind review the crap out of the whole test. Know exactly why you picked the right answers and the wrong answers. I started writing down why my wrong answers were wrong and I saw a spike in questions I got right
  15. Old LR vs Current

    interesting! do you think that was due to a change in skills tested or more trick answers/tricky wording?