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  1. best law movies

    Ill bite. Though not a fav, North Country with Charlize Theoren was good. Its gritty though. Some scenes were hard to watch but it made me more fully appreciate the hardships women have experienced in the workplace, especially industrial ones. For a documentary I thought Hot Coffee was fantastic. It's all about the judicial reform that followed the U.S. frivolous lawsuit trend. Would highly recommend.
  2. Desk suggestions?

    Check Costco! I picked up a leather high-back office chair when I started undergrad for $200. Have used it every day since and it looks and feels (nearly) the same as when I bought it.
  3. Ubc vs u of a

    That's Sask for you! Folks there genuinely love to visit. Though I've lived in three provinces other than Sask, I've yet to see another population that generally just loves to have conversations more than Saskies.
  4. U of C Scholarships

    Hey all, According to uCalgary's website, they award several large scholarships each year. Does anyone know approximately what kind of stats would put someone in the running for one of the academic merit awards? https://law.ucalgary.ca/future-students/tuition-scholarships-bursaries-and-awards Thanks! BV
  5. LSAT PSA: Thinking LSAT podcast

    I picked up his LR Encyclopedia. I think the guy is hilarious. His frank, sometimes crude explanations cut straight to the core of the question. Beats reading boring technical explanations out of a powerscore book 10-1.
  6. Law School Debt

    Undergrad debt will be ~40k. No assistance from family. I expect to matriculate at a school in western Canada.
  7. Hey folks! I've stumbled upon an LSAT podcast that I think people should know about. Its called the Thinking LSAT podcast. Its put on by a pair of LSAT tutors. They spend roughly 50% of the time dealing with LSAT questions from listeners and 50% on admissions advice. If you are working a menial job this summer and prepping for the LSAT, it's a great way to pass the time. Additionally, Ben (one of the hosts) has an online class and website with a score tracker. You can find this at strategyprep.com. He even provides video explanations for most* questions from the preptests. I have found his stuff extremely helpful for my prep. Hope this helps someone! Best, BV
  8. Law School Debt

    Hey all, How much debt do you figure the average law student graduates with? How much does the average student begin law school with? I am a undergrad student in my senior year and I am trying to project where I might be 4 years from now. Thanks! I appreciate it!