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  1. minderbinder

    Another 1L Grades Post

    Thanks all = appreciate the feedback! And just for clarification, my intention wasn't to ask whether or not I would get hired/receive any OCIs based purely on my grades - I'm aware of the various factors that come into play during the hiring process. My concern was only as to whether a C+ in torts would be an extreme detriment as a threshold matter in the early stages of sorting applicants during the OCI process.
  2. minderbinder

    Another 1L Grades Post

    Hi all, so I'm interested in getting some feedback on how my grades may be perceived by recruiters in the upcoming 2L recruit in Toronto. I am predominantly interested in commercial litigation, and perhaps tax, and would ideally like to end up in a full service firm (a little more flexibility in terms of practice areas). Ok, so I'm at Osgoode, and in my first semester I didn't have a very strong showing - I received a B in Contracts, a B in Criminal, and, to my dismay, a C+ in Torts (which has been a constant source of anxiety for me in relation to OCIs). I would chalk this up to general difficulties in adjusting to law school in the first semester - no special circumstances, I just didn't quite "get it", if that makes sense. However, in second semester - after following up about my grades from the first semester and generally feeling more comfortable and confident in the material - and establishing a more effective means for studying for law school exams - I performed quite well. I received a B+ in Property, an A in Constitutional, an A in Legal Process/Civil Procedure, and an A+ in my perspective option. Overall, I understand my GPA is pretty good (I'm looking at a B+ average - if my calculation/conversion of my weighted letter grades to a numerical GPA is correct). However, I have heard that recruiters mainly look at Contracts, Torts, Criminal, and Constitutional for grade comparisons, since these courses are fairly standard across each of the schools. My concern, therefore, is that even though I feel that I have demonstrated an ability to adapt and perform very well in law school (based on my winter term grades), they seem somewhat tarnished by my fall grades (which also happen to be three of the primary "black letter" courses - Contracts, Criminal, and Torts). Additionally, I'm not sure that this will be reflected on my transcript and I'm not sure how to demonstrate this improvement to recruiters without bringing attention to it in my cover letter, which I don't want to do (I know there has been some debate about this in the forums). With the full context then, I'm interested in hearing peoples opinions on 1) my chances of getting past the initial grades threshold in the 2L recruit; and 2) any advice that people may have about addressing my grade distribution when it is inevitably brought up by recruiters during the interview stage (if I make it that far). Thanks in advance for your candid responses - it's much appreciated!