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  1. Destroythelsat

    Can't get out of 148 range.

    Hey- send me a direct message I can go over strategy with you.
  2. Destroythelsat

    NOV LSAT ... do they look at it ? UOttawa/uwin

    Thank you for the feedback everyone
  3. Hello Everyone, it is my understanding from both speaking to the reps and the uwindsor website ( not sure about Uottawa as they were ambiguous) that they do accept the November lsat score. That being said if you took the lsat at an earlier date (july) can they disregard the fact that you are registered for the Nov exam ( scores don't get released until December) and reject you based on your past score ? Looking for people's experiences in this situation ....
  4. Destroythelsat

    What do you study to get the most out of your study time?

    There's a book I picked up ages ago for undergrad that I found helpful- study smarter not harder by kevin paul
  5. I'm of this mindset as well... can't beat a dead horse right ? I think there needs to be a point where you have to decide whether or not retaking for the 5th time ( hypothetical) is going to up your score based on previous performance trends. (time/money/effort needs to be well spent)
  6. The main reason is because in the states they give out MUCH more in money from my understanding for high LSAT scores (more number based from what I've seen) and there is more emphasis on ranking. Some of the people that frequent the forums/post often are aiming for 160 plus range ( 7sage forums).
  7. I think it really depends on the person and what they start off with/ target score. That being said I also supplemented 7sage with the lsat trainer (for LR only) . Most people study anywhere from a few months to 6 months ( depending on the time they can put in and other factors). So it can be based on ; natural abilty quality of time spent studying (more pts doesn't correlate with a higher score if you aren't blind reveiwing/looking at areas of weakness) . target vs diagnostic score
  8. Destroythelsat

    Fee's in USD?

    It was definitely less ... can't say exactly how much. But you also have to account for the usd to cad conversion, which really impacted the total amount.
  9. Destroythelsat

    Old LR vs Current

    Hmm.. yes LR has remained the same to some extent BUT ... if you pull up any forum from 7sage talking about LR you'll see that most people dipped once they started touching the material in the 70 plus. I caution against using the older pts for lr score indication other then practice. I def recommend people get exposure to the newer material before writing.
  10. Destroythelsat

    Fee's in USD?

    That's the way the cookie crumbles unfortunately. I was pretty bummed out about the hike in fees
  11. Destroythelsat

    Reading Comprehension Struggle

    My apologies as I went MIA on you. I find trying to do 4 passages well, at this point a little too hard and too much stress. You end up focusing too broadly and not honing in on your skills. Because of my target score I can get away with this- BUT if you need a higher section for RC/super high score, you would have to rethink that strategy. I would say it works well for those aiming for 160 below. Spend more time with the passage then the questions, and slow the reading down. This has impacted my rc section greatly. Watch the way 7sage solves and diagrams for RC. Underlining- looking for changes in tone/direction of argument. I like to draw arrows on my rc passages to link ideas together. Fell free to pm if you have any direct questions . If you want I can also refer you to my tutor
  12. Destroythelsat

    Month and a Half Sutdy Plan

    I second this
  13. Destroythelsat

    155 - 160+

    I agree, and the score increase is very doable. I know some people switch up their study material, 7sage is really good if the current one is not working for you. Also don't do timed practice before you master the skills. You need to build the basics, master, then ease into it timed , best of luck
  14. Destroythelsat

    Debate- Retake / Reapply

    If you end up needing to reapply for a later cycle I'm assuming you need new LOR's and a completely different personal statement ? The ones I have right now are really good, but I don't want to "waste" them, especially my concept for my personal statement. (Looking for advice from people that have reapplied). I know it won't hurt to apply for this cycle ( I have Sept, Nov, and Jan ( lakehead) to retake the LSAT, but I'd like to hear feedback from people with more experience.
  15. Destroythelsat

    Debate- Retake / Reapply

    That's what I'm thinking as well. The option of retaking isn't palatable for most, but can often lead to great rewards, as well as getting into where you want.