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  1. Switch tutor or over reacting

    Rest assured everyone I've passed with a university degree and know how to write. I'm conducting consults with tutors to find a different one. If anyone needs tutor suggestions that are familiar with 7sage pm me .
  2. Very Anxious about Starting Law School

    Most law students come out with debt- a quick glance at the forum will reaffirm this. You will be fine. Remember how nervous you were doing something new for the first time ?https://www.brainpickings.org/2016/10/04/rilke-letters-to-a-young-poet-writing/ I found this incredibly calming and love referring back to it. I wish you only the best.
  3. Using extra time on other sections

    https://www.lsac.org/jd/lsat/day-of-test Some guidelines for test day. Familiarise yourself with the LSAC regulations for the LSAT. Don't risk it , it's not worth it like others have stated.
  4. Still Referred to Admissions Committee

    I hope you all get the final decision soon. Waiting sucks. Sending good vibes
  5. Sending final transcripts

    I say play it safe and double check with the school. Good luck
  6. Switch tutor or over reacting

    Xer thanks for pointing that out, I didn't say anything when the first few comments rolled in, but I am noticing a pattern on this forum of people coming off as very condescending. Don't you think it makes people hesitant to ask for help, which is the main purpose of the forum ? Giving people unsolicited life advice on circumstances you know nothing about seems to be a trend here. This is a forum, not a college admissions essay.
  7. games

    Doesn't 7sage use the older games in their curriculum ? I was told to drill older games and use the newer ones for PT's. That's what my tutor was doing; heard many do this as well. But yes I did notice there is a difference in the games.
  8. Switch tutor or over reacting

    I guess he though making jokes about things that I didn't find funny and my learning style was supposed to lighten the mood. I used to be a morning person but all my under grad classes were mainly at night - cue the late night studying. He knew I was trying my best to meet his demands, but still decided to throw in the "bare minimum" phrase every once and awhile in the session. Everyone learns differently ( with regards to the tutoring comments) . Thanks for the feedback everyone
  9. Switch tutor or over reacting

    Yeah pretty much - thank you for linking that; I have the 7sage course but needed the games broken down further. It is still a beneficial resource nonetheless.
  10. Switch tutor or over reacting

    I think we already cleared the writing thing ( not the point of the question). I think comfort goes before what they are actually teaching - how would I expect to be doing better if I feel like I'm being judged for every response. Obviously this isn't a rule for everything in life , but when you hire a tutor there should be a 'fit' between the student and the teacher. The whole time thing is a back handed comment for them to say, especially because I could tell it was more about their scheduling ( there was reasoning for the later start which I'm not going to go into- which was explained to them prior to the session). Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Switch tutor or over reacting

    It was written in haste , hence the writing style. Thanks for the suggestions everyone
  12. Switch tutor or over reacting

    He knows what hes talking about no doubt /not a question of price- he wants the payment today but I'm going to try to hold off until I reach a conclusion More of a fit/personalty thing in my opinion - session left me in a state of heightened anxiety ( not my normal) - I know this tmi but I literally was about to burst into tears after the session which leaves me to believe that he didn't make me comfortable ( even though most of the time I knew what I was doing )
  13. Switch tutor or over reacting

    just checked recent stuff tutor wants me to go over - said I would have to do the old set 10 questions, plus the new set which is double and do each question 5 times again min. - from now until tuesday , plus min 1 PT
  14. Hey- tutor -charges 120 - only books it out in 2 hours ( cad) not usd. ( he's just tutoring for games if that gives you context ) Gave me prepwork a few days before our session in those days I got sick, but still did what he asked for me to do - upon telling him I did 6 games he told me i SAID DO AT LEAST - after I brought his email up during our session. After we finished he said do at least 1 PT leading up to the exam I said ok so you were saying 1 and then I was going to finish my statement to discuss HOW many I would actually be doing he said I said at least 1 man you really need me to write least in 72 size font. During the session he kept pausing for long bits even though I clearly explained I didn't know what the answer was. Another thing - when we booked the session I said can we do it later I'm used to a later schedule ( due to some things ) then when he wanted me to book at 9am next week I said that's too early for me personally- hes like I'm not asking you to wake up at 5 am you really need to adjust your sleep ... told him I'm working on getting up earlier - keep in mind this lsat takes place at a later time. **Switch tutors ( give recommendations below) or am I over reacting , ( tbh the whole back handed comments are unprofesh to someone you are paying to teach you/gave me really uneasy feelings-not about the test about himself)**
  15. games

    Write small/neat/ pull out key words and recheck the game board before moving to the questions. with LG it is def dependent on practice- the more questions you see the more sensitive you will be to pull out the key words and decide how to set up your game board 7sage has explanations for games on youtube Stick to one method -each test prep approaches it diff.