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  1. Ya I know you aren't supposed to discuss, but there were 3 total people at the test centre taking the test :/ . I think the LG section I did best on was also the one the other test takers had, so that gives me a little hope. Either way on that LG section I only finished two of the games, and of those games I finished I guessed half of the questions..... Guess I'll be re-taking in September. Shame cause I really think I did good on the other sections. ALSO, this means that the core 4 parts that we are graded on are the same for everyone correct? I've always assumed this but I'm wondering if I was wrong all this time.
  2. Hey everyone, ***assume I am discussing a Mock LSAT that follows the exact same rules as LSAC*** Obviously I know there is no way to know which section is the experimental, but I've always thought that the experimental/ungraded section is either reading comprehension or logic games. My test had two logic game sections, does this mean that one of them is the ungraded section? Other test takers I was with stated they only had one logic game section and told me which one it was. Does that mean the one they did not have was the experimental one? Just looking for some insights. I'm pretty shaken after the test I just wrote. I completely messed up the game section
  3. Sounds good, we're in identical situations!
  4. Rejected from Western 2018

    Wow that's interesting. Is Windsor an L2 school? I haven't really checked. Maybe the CGPA hurt, but either way your LSAT's and L2 are great. Can you give me some examples of what above average EC's are? I don't really have a point of reference. You can DM me so as not to take up this thread, but it's up to you.
  5. Rejected from Western 2018

    Ya I definitely understand. Maybe I will go to Windsor no matter what if I can't get into Western. I can't see myself not getting into Windsor, unless my EC's do me in. You never know
  6. Rejected from Western 2018

    Isn't transferring kind of a hassle? I'd consider going to Windsor, but I'd really love Western.
  7. Living on Campus

    Thanks for the insights! I am really wanting to be done with the roommate thing. Been in Ottawa for 4 years now with 3 roommates. We pay $630 each. If I can get an LOC I wouldn't mind paying a higher price for a one bed near campus.
  8. Rejected from Western 2018

    Good to hear! Western's my top choice and if I can't get in I'll probably take a year off. Hoping for the best! If you don't mind me asking, where else did you get in?
  9. Living on Campus

    Ya I think Bayfield Hall was the name. Shame to learn it's not actually on campus. I won't be doing upper year residence (had enough of that in undergrad). Would you happen to know what the prices are for a nice 1 bedroom near the campus? I know I'll have to look around online of course, but I may as well ask right.
  10. Hey guys, Just out of curiosity I'm wondering if anyone has experience living in the apartments on campus. If I go I'd prefer live on campus for the first year. I'd like to have one of the one bedroom units (can't remember the building name). I have some questions about them. Are there grocery stores near the campus (I'm assuming you are not provided food in those apartments)? And is it hard to get into them? I can't imagine there are many one bedrooms available compared to the demand. I know these units are pricey at $1,000 plus, so are there any other much better alternatives if you're new to the city?
  11. Rejected from Western 2018

    Damn sorry to hear. These are pretty much my stats. I'm thinking Western won't take anyone lower than 157. Are you gonna re-write the LSAT?
  12. Ah ok maybe that's why you got the LOC so easily. By time I'm done undergrad I'll be indebted 30k to OSAP. Which isn't terrible cause it's interest free for now, but still.
  13. Thanks for the response. I work at a bank currently so I know the ins and outs of credit. I don't work with lines of credit though, which is why I am asking here. Where I work we give pretty big loans out solely on the net worth of the business and the guarantors, without ever looking at credit history. Either way, I plan on getting a card this week and using it until next year, hopefully building a sufficient credit history.
  14. Nice man, that's great. Do you have any outstanding loans? I'll be indebted to OSAP by 30k
  15. That's great to hear. So you still don't have a credit history? And how much is your LOC? I'll need 125k