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  1. This just made my day! Let's be honest, a lot of the LSAT is just a money grab. I'm surprised the watches aren't made by LSAC. Maybe this is how I get my goal score in September
  2. Ryerson Admissions

    Well........ya, that's the point. ^That's what I was hinting at.
  3. Ryerson Admissions

    I had no idea Ryerson was planning a law school. Would be nice if the law schools in Ontario were not concentrated down south.
  4. Choosing a law school

    If cost is a significant factor, then I'd say hands down go with UBC. By no means is UBC a non-transferable degree. If you have good grades, I don't doubt you can land a job straight from Vancouver into TO. You'll have even better odds if you get some experience in Van first. Of course law school reputation matters, but not to the degree you might think. In my mind, based on what I heard from several lawyers, UBC has always been up there with UoT and Oz (of course this is subjective). I totally get it, I've been in the same Northern Ontario city my whole life, and I can't wait to start law school and eventually move to TO myself. But if you are any bit uncertain of living permanently in TO, I think UBC is the clear choice. I mean, how bad can Vancouver be ? I would love to live there for a month!
  5. Choosing a law school

    No doubt your stats will get you in nearly anywhere. With that being said, I'd say the only thing you have to consider is money and networking. Are you supporting yourself financially? Will you have a LOC? Parents gonna help? etc... In terms of networking, I've always seen it as beneficial to study where you want to work. If you're dead set on working in TO, then I'd say go to Oz or UoT. I don't doubt you'll get into either one.
  6. Schools do not look at the content of courses in undergrad (at all as far as I can tell). They will consider a 4 year honors vs 3 year general though. I wouldn't say you have mediocre softs. Being in multiple societies and being an executive in them will definitely help, especially since you've done them over a period of a few years. All in all, based on the countless hours of browsing through the rejected/accepted threads, I'd say you need a 165 at least. Honestly, your chances are not even bad with your current stats, though I'd say it's better not to gamble. Also, check this out https://lawapplicants.ca/predictor We have Ryn to thank for this pretty neat tool.
  7. Can definitely attest to this. I've never heard anyone say "I want a 150", including me. It still kicked my ass. My diagnostic was 150 and I scored 157, so there is room for improvement, just don't minimize the amount of work that needs to be put in.
  8. LSAT Scores Out

    I envy you I still remember the soul crushing feeling of seeing my 157 at 4 am ahahaha Congrats!
  9. I'll tell you what a Western applicant told me the other week (we were connected by a mutual friend). She applied with a 3 year general degree, a 3.6 gpa (not sure about L2), and a 160 LSAT. She was waitlisted and ultimately did not make it off. She said she called Western to get some advice, and they said her general degree made it hard to compete with other applicants (among other things I'm sure, but she seemed to think that was the take away). I'm sure if she bumped her LSAT up she would have a good shot at Western. I'd say go for the four year degree (especially if it gives you the chance for a robust writing assignment). What's an extra year? I know you're feeling the pressure cause you're a mature student (and honestly, I cannot relate and will not try to), but in the grand scheme of things it is not that much. But then again, I am not in your shoes.. Good luck! I hope everything works out.
  10. Figures. I wish LSAC paid more attention to students in Canada. We can't be that small a market can we? ....Well, maybe compared to the US but still. Too bad they won't give me a discount on the September test
  11. Hey, I haven't seen anyone mention this. I received an email from LSAC stating they want past test-takers to participate in an 'experiment' to write the essay portion of the exam online. Has anyone else received this email? LSAC says they will credit the participants one free Law School Report. I did not even know what this was until I checked it out on LSAC's website. I guess my question is, do Ontario applicants using OLSAS need a law school report? LSAC says you need one for every school you apply to, but I've got the feeling that does not apply to Ontario (just because it is centralized with OLSAS). I'd consider doing it if the Report is something I need to apply to schools in Ontario, but if not, I may skip on the opportunity.
  12. PLEASE HELP with how to start application process

    Yea, each school asks different things, but realistically you can make a master copy and then make changes for each school. I plan on writing fully custom ones for my top choices (Western and then Oz), and then making a general for my back ups.
  13. PLEASE HELP with how to start application process

    Follow Starling's advice. I have never considered applying outside of Ontario, so I really could not say. Definitely start with each school's website though.
  14. Western vs Osgoode

    While I agree that I definitely overthink school comparisons, I think you're understating the importance of some factors (such as networking). You're definitely right about looking back at this post and laughing when it's all said and done. Hell, I laugh at stuff I wrote last week. In the end we'll never know the difference, right? If I go to Oz and end up on Bay, or if I go to Western and end up on Bay, who knows what difference either path could have made. Either way, it's futile to think about. Thanks for the insights!
  15. PLEASE HELP with how to start application process

    I'm gonna assume this is for Fall 2019. In terms of where to get started, that would be making an OLSAS account, which I believe does not open until the 23rd of this month. From what I understand, everything gets done there (for Ontario, of course). Check out OLSAS's website and read up!