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  1. Good Undergraduate degree for Law?

    Well... I did. But I didn't do four years of undergrad just to get a boost in one 1L class.
  2. Good Undergraduate degree for Law?

    Is this a thing?
  3. Oath versus affirmation discussion (spliced)

    As I understand it, there are theistic religions under which it is prohibited to take an oath of this nature, and they use the affirmation instead.
  4. Good Undergraduate degree for Law?

    Science, commerce, etc are fine too.
  5. Questions about Engineering + Law Combination

    In Ontario, there are definitely lawyers working for the Ministry of the Environment, and other ministries on environmental files. But I don't think an engineering background specifically is a significant advantage to getting (or performing in) those jobs. I'd say most "technology law" stuff for the provincial government would really be around IT law, and particularly IT procurement, which may not be quite what you had in mind. Asset, but definitely not required, in Ontario. Learn as much public law as possible, and seek out opportunities to demonstrate your interest in a public sector career. Yep.
  6. Questions and Advice Please

    This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  7. OLSAS Sketch Question

    You probably want to use linked entries.
  8. You previously said you went to a Canadian law school and are now a fourth-year associate, although later you were wondering about heading to the UK for law school, and now you're a current US law student with a job lined up. How many people are using your account, and why should we believe any of them?
  9. Study time for Ontario Bar

    I picked up the materials as soon as they were available (late April), studied full-time (40 hours a week), and still felt very rushed. I got through about two readings of the material. I'm sure some people have passed with only two weeks (or less) to study, but it sounds crazy to me. (While typing: FineCanadianFX above has it right.)
  10. Vacation

  11. Landlord Tenant Act Case

    You are correct
  12. Include everything in the sketch. The place to highlight the impressive/relevant stuff is the personal statement.
  13. OLSAS sketch- Recreational Sports

    Sure. Maybe the schools will value it, maybe they won't. But it's not so far outside the realm of sketchworthy things that it would detract from your application.
  14. U of T Vs. Osgoode for Public Sector

    No advantage between the two for MAG. Tuition is a sound basis for your decision, and consider also where you think you'll have the most enjoyable/rewarding experience based on your academic, extracurricular, and lifestyle preferences.
  15. UK law school rankings for practice in Canada

    You're a fourth-year corporate/commercial associate who graduated from a Canadian school, and has strong views about the rankings of schools within Canada. Why don't you tell us how UK degrees are perceived? Your views are probably as good as anyone's, here.