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  1. You can get a fairly authoritative answer on this by getting a WES evaluation. You'll probably have to provide one anyway when you apply to law schools.
  2. Do Law Schools check social media??

    It's not just law school admissions you have to worry about. It's the personal and professional catastrophe that will come when this is revealed. And that can happen anytime, even years into your career. You need to correct your accounts or delete them. What do you think the value of those connections are, especially once your dishonesty is revealed?
  3. Crown Attorney’s day

    This thread is a couple of years old but I think you may find it useful:
  4. Seen in the Ontario Reports

    Groia rubs it in
  5. Canadian Bar Association - join as a student?

    I strongly recommend it for Ontario students. Join a few sections, get their newsletters, and you'll have some exposure to what's going on in various fields. It can be hard to get that exposure otherwise. On the other hand, as in-house counsel no longer eligible for the "new member" fee category, the $683 membership fee is about seven times what I'd be willing to pay.
  6. confusing question about cgpa

    As of 2008, when I was involved in admissions, it was indeed the policy of at least one university. That's what I was referring to above when I said we "accepted the policy of the institution" (i.e. the transcript is what the institution says it is).
  7. confusing question about cgpa

    When I was involved in admissions at a "CGPA/holistic school", that was not true. We accepted the policy of the institution. So for institutions that actually remove the previous grade from the transcript upon re-take (and I think OP is attending one of those, given the reference to a "first year 9 credit course"), only the retake grade would have been counted. I mean, there's still a chance you could be admitted on the basis of your final transcript after the winter semester (assuming the F has been replaced).
  8. confusing question about cgpa

    Probably, yeah. OUAC reads what's on your transcript. Is the F removed from your transcript while you're retaking? I doubt it.
  9. Seeking advice from family lawyers regarding sensitive topic

    Yes this is definitely a thing that happened and not at all a fictional pretext for axe-grinding
  10. Suits For Men

    Just gonna throw this out there, and I have no idea how prevalent this view is, but I would not notice/care if I saw a lawyer wearing a black suit in court. I myself am a sartorial catastrophe and have never felt that this had the slightest effect whatsoever on my litigation outcomes.
  11. Yeah, why would anyone go out of their way to belittle the investigation and critique of dominant concepts of oh shit (at least the sociologists get a reprieve)
  12. Omnibus topic: when you are not hired back

    The problem is that there is a fine line between "Lawstudents.ca is an anonymous forum, be cautious about what you read there" and "Don't bother with Lawstudents.ca, the posters are full of shit." One of the assets of this forum is that there usually is someone with relevant personal experience who can give qualified advice. But that asset is useless if it's lost in a sea of rumour and supposition, however well-intentioned. So I think it would be much better if, when people give advice not based in direct personal experience or observation, they noted where they're coming from. I get the temptation to give 'good advice' regardless of where one stands. I've abandoned a lot of half-drafted posts giving advice to people about legal careers in the private sector, because that's just not my lane. Sometimes it feels like a bit of a bummer. But almost always, someone else comes in afterward and gives much better advice, so I promise it works out more often than not.
  13. Need some clarification on admission process

    This online tool is helpful for that process.
  14. 3rd v 4th year

    The short answer is yes.
  15. Western or Windsor for undergrad?

    What makes you think so?