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  1. Like, in the food court? Or where specifically? This is important; roti roll increased the price on their lunch special and I need to move on
  2. The schools can review them in whatever order they like, but I don't think they're even aware of the date/sequence they were submitted.
  3. Can you, even? Are schools even taking 2018 applications at this point? For Ontario, at least, there is literally nothing gained from submitting your application early. The schools don't receive your application until after the deadline, so the applicant who submits on the first possible day is identically situated to the one who applies on the last possible day.
  4. Do they still do the week-long ELGC intensive at the beginning of 1L? Either way, yeah, I think missing 3 weeks of classes has the potential to set you back by a lot. Missing three weeks of one class would be bad; missing three weeks of all of them is... not exactly starting out strong.
  5. JD/JD has been dead for several years.
  6. I've been saying this since 2014
  7. Indeed. IIRC, what we've heard from UofT is that they analyze the performance of graduates from various programs who have gone on to study at UofT Law, and draw conclusions about those programs based on that analysis for future admissions purposes. Of course, we haven't seen the data, so we don't know what programs actually look "good" or "bad" under this system. Engineering and humanities from a given university may be perceived differently, but we can't say for sure which (if any) would be seen as 'stronger'.
  8. It's not a faux pas. In fact I'd recommend you try and speak with a recent student or newish call in the branch. LinkedIn is good for tracking them down (especially paired with Info-Go). Speaking with the current articling students is not ideal as they'll have been there only a couple of weeks.
  9. I think some more specific questions would be helpful, here.
  10. I mean... it's a little late for an admissions process, and I think the provincial government pulled their program approval anyway. I don't know if they've even assembled a faculty. Their website lists September 2019 as a "possible open date".
  11. Well it's been five and a half years so hopefully they're all set by now
  12. Last time I took a student to lunch they ordered literally the most expensive thing on the menu More than twice the price of what I ordered and by far an outlier for that restaurant I ordered first
  13. Looks likely that the original numbers were a clerical error - a matter of whether the $27243 includes or excludes ancillary fees.
  14. Can I go a bit off-road with a question for our crim people? Marie Henein has come up a lot in this thread, and elsewhere on the site over the past couple of years. She seems to have been pretty clearly crowned in the media as Canada's best criminal defence lawyer, or at least an extremely credible contender for that title. And yet, until Ghomeshi hired her, I had never heard of her. Granted, I probably couldn't have named more than a half-dozen prominent criminal defence lawyers in 2014, but she would not have been among them. And it's not just me; in tens of thousands of threads on this site before she was retained by Ghomeshi, she was mentioned just once - by someone trying to sell her book. Since then, she's been mentioned 139 times. So I guess I'm just wondering: Among the criminal defence bar, has Henein been a 'household name' / superstar all along? Is her fame among the public just a matter of the lay population catching up with what crim lawyers already knew? Or was the Ghomeshi case a big boost for her reputation even among her colleagues? (ETA: I am talking specifically about fame and perception, not about her actual abilities, which as noted in this thread clearly demonstrate exceptional competence over an extended period of time.)
  15. they're good grades maximumbrent