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  1. Osgoode mature student category ?

    What people call "mature", relating to Osgoode, is really just the "alternative to the academic requirement". Normally, you have to have at least three years of university studies to be eligible to apply to Osgoode. But if you're 26+ and 5 years out of school, that requirement is waived. That's it.
  2. Investing LOC

    Oh yes, please do.
  3. TWU and the SCC

    In this case, the CJ might well have been thinking: "After all the crap we went through to hear from you guys, you'd better make the goddamn most of it."
  4. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    It's easier to change your job to suit your personality than it is to change your personality to suit your job. I don't know if she's pushing you out the door - it sounds like, despite a fairly intrusive approach (as @Hegdis noted), her heart is in the right place. But your concerns seem exactly right to me. I think you should accept her suggestion that you start standing up for yourself more. And you should begin by aggressively seeking a new job, right now.
  5. Dual JD's- the $85,000 Backdoor into Canadian Law School

    I spoke with a couple of Osgoode/NYU students while I was at Osgoode, and yeah, this is what I heard - not just the monetary cost, but the hassles of being in a dual program just weren't justified by any appreciable career benefit. They said they should've just gone to Osgoode or NYU alone.
  6. TWU and the SCC

    Prof Mathen has switched back to her main account: https://twitter.com/cmathen
  7. TWU and the SCC

  8. Help - Late supporting document

    PR is an immigration status (historically the phrase "landed immigrant" had equivalent meaning). If you've lived in Ontario your whole life, you're probably a Canadian citizen.
  9. Transitioning from Gov to Firm

    I'm just gonna throw in - consider which MAG office the offer comes from. I can imagine summering at CLOC, OPGT, or FRO being much more helpful toward a future BigLaw [litigation] career than some ministries' seconded legal services branches.
  10. If you're planning to stay in Ontario, I think you'd face slim pickings for government articling positions if you are starting your search in February. I'd reckon 2/3 of government articling positions in Ontario are with the provincial government, which does all (or nearly all) of its articling hiring on the same schedule as the large firms, i.e. almost a year before the August start date. My impression is that municipalities and DOJ are similar but I could very well be wrong on that.
  11. FWIW, if I were an admissions officer and saw this LOR, I'd assume that the referee just misunderstood the task - which is a risk inherent to the confidential reference process - and not really a big deal.
  12. Personal Statement - Diversity Question

    HOW THIS READS: "Happy to take advantage of subsidized tuition and government student loans, not so keen on the gays"
  13. Saying "First Choice"

    You can only accept one position, so... no? Feel free to tell your first choice employer that they're your first choice. Don't tell a non-first-choice employer that they're your first choice.
  14. Who should write my non-academic reference?

    (fail buzzer) Using the first person sends this message: "The only person I could find who would recommend me to your law school was someone who only knew me as a child. There is not a single person willing to recommend me based on my activities in the intervening years." Use the second person.
  15. How much does it matter where you go to school?

    One must bear in mind the widespread belief that Osgoode is the law school at the University of Toronto.