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  1. Waitlist Dual JD 2018

    I called in and they stated that there has been "Some" movement in the waitlist, there wont be any movement in the next few days but they are going to evaluate in a week and half if they need to fill more seats, and they will pull off the waitlist. And in two weeks they will have a firm decision on the new incoming class.
  2. Waitlist 2018

    Leannes voicemail says she is out of the office and will return July 26. I wonder if that means we wont even here anything until then.
  3. Waitlist Dual JD 2018

    i saw atleast one or two people get off the wailist when looking at the accepted dual thread ..so im confused
  4. Waitlist 2018

    were these people emailed or just called?
  5. Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    Yesterday I was sent an email of acceptance. But today they e-mailed me saying there was an error and that i am actually on waitlist. So disheartening honestly.
  6. UNB sending out rejections??

    rejected last week, no maritime affiations. lsat 160. gpa:75% regular category
  7. UNB sending out rejections??

    are they in special or regular category?
  8. Waitlist 2018

    End of July/Beggining of August
  9. Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    Is it true that the application acceptance date got extended to may 15? This threads been dead for the last two weeks, wonder what is going on. I have been on review since March, haven't heard anything yet.