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  1. Xer

    Visiting Law Schools

    I'm coming from Toronto and I don't have a car so I'll probably be taking public transportation. I mostly want to visit the campuses of each school and maybe nearby.
  2. So I'll probably l have some time and money during late November, and have been wondering if I should go and visit various law schools around Ontario (currently thinking Ottawa, Queens, and Western). I didn't manage to visit my undergrad (which was several hours away by plane) before I started there, and I kind of regret it now because adjusting to life there was a bit tough at first. Is taking a tour of law schools I'm interested in a good use of my time and money? Do people usually get a lot out of these visits or are they more of a frivolous thing?
  3. Xer

    Improving Your Application for Articling

    Some stuff just comes down to personal and idiosyncratic preferences on the part of the interviewer, I guess. Which is kind of scary to think about from the side of the interviewee, but I guess that's life.
  4. Apparently there's watches specifically for the LSAT that count in 35 minute intervals... https://www.perfectscorewatch.com/ Why...
  5. So I was looking up local lawyers in my small city and it turns out one of the firms here has an articling student who graduated from Cooley. It can happen, folks!
  6. Xer

    Multiple LSATs

    If you're looking at schools in the US that makes a lot more sense since they seem to look at LSAT much moreso than schools in Canada. If you were just applying to UofT I'm not sure how much retaking would improve your chances of getting in, but of course it's ultimately up to you.
  7. Xer

    Multiple LSATs

    Why do you think you need to rewrite the LSAT with scores like that? You're already above UofT's median in terms of both GPA and highest LSAT score.
  8. Hey OP, I am not a lawyer yet, so maybe I'm too soft-hearted in comparison, but I do feel bad how people have piled on you like this. Suicidal thoughts are no joke. I hope you're able to get the help you need to get through this difficult period in your life. Please talk to someone in real life about this, whether it be a loved one, mental health professional, or someone at work (if you feel comfortable doing so).
  9. Xer

    Multiple LSATs

    Don't think you need to retake the LSAT at all, then. Don't worry about it.
  10. Xer

    Choosing a law school

    Have you converted your cGPA to the OLSAS GPA scale? Depending on your grade distribution, it could lower your cGPA. Also, are UBC and Toronto (UofT? Osgoode?) your only choices atm? Are you interested in any other schools in Ontario or other provinces?
  11. The Feb test talked about was from 2014 or so, not this year's Feb test.
  12. Xer

    LSAT Scores Out

    Check your account on the LSAC website, it might be there.
  13. July scores are starting to go out. I just got mine and I scored higher than I thought! Good luck to everyone else checking their scores today!
  14. No. No law school in Canada processes applications through LSAC to my knowledge.
  15. Yeah, there was a ton of discussion about this on the LSAT subreddit. Apparently July's test was also repeated last year for a Sabbath observer test.