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  1. Accepted today! Probably from the Discretionary category but I was too excited and forgot to ask. I was #20 on the wait list last week. GPA: 77.23 LSAT: 172 Index 91.45
  2. My status just changed to offer!! I was #20 on the waitlist last week but also applied via Discretionary so I'm guessing I was admitted from that pool. Either way, I'm out of the waitlist pool - good news for #21! Index 91.45
  3. My status just changed to offer!! Not sure if it's from discretionary because I was also #20 on the waitlist last week. Check your status checker!
  4. Autism and law school: should I not bother?

    I would just like to suggest that if you are willing to try therapy to help you with your social anxiety, I would highly recommend trying Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It is expensive but extremely effective. For example, 6 sessions cost me $1,200 but I have learned tools that I can use for life. CBT changed my life and the way my brain works, it's amazing! Based on your anxieties about your ASD relating to your social abilities, I can already imagine the kinds of strategies a CBT therapist would offer you. But above all, never let your anxiety make your life choices! Being social is not superior to being anything else. If you want to become a lawyer, you will become a lawyer!
  5. I emailed and heard this morning that I'm #20 on the regular waitlist (also applied via discretionary category which is reviewed next Friday). so close yet so far. confirmed GPA 77.23 LSAT 172 Index: ~91.45
  6. I am still waiting on that waitlist and it's killllllllling meeeeeeeeeeee. It doesn't help that this forum has been dead quiet for 3 weeks. I just want to know so I can move my life forward! Needed to post just to see who else is out there quietly waiting with me. 5 months and counting.... cGPA 77.23 LSAT 172 Index 91.44