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  1. Law Firm Volunteer

    Thank you everyone! I’ll try with pro bono clinics first and see how that goes!
  2. Law Firm Volunteer

    So basically a no then as I don’t check either of the boxes? Would it be worth trying atleast?
  3. Law Firm Volunteer

    Is that a possibility? Can you volunteer at a law firm as a non-law student? Thank you!
  4. So, I noticed that the calculator takes an A to be 85% which isn’t what the admin team told, they said it’s 86%. Which may or may not make a big difference for some people (it does for me). So can the calculator be relied upon? Also some of the other percentages are also a bit off compared to what the admin team told me!
  5. Repeated Classes

    I have repeated a class and on the transcript, while it does show the letter grade, it doesn’t show the credits for the class the first time I attempted it. Would that grade still be counted into gpa calculation even if the credits for that class are unknown? Thanks! (I hope that made sense...)
  6. Why is osgoode & UofT so expensive?

    There was an LSAT LR question where the parents perceived high tuition as being an indication of a better school and hence the school was looking to increase its tuition..everything EVERYTHING reminds me of a damn LSAT question....ugh! But on a different note, would people say the high tuitions are justified at U of T?
  7. LSAT Prep Test and Books

    I have powerscore RC, this years version, and some preptest books (have to check which one, but I have the red one and the most two recents ones). All have been barely used so look brand new! I also have the powerscore LG but that I have written in with a pencil so I don’t how much of a use it would be?
  8. Aah! Those are probably hard to come by right?
  9. Hi! What does “Crown in Vancouver” mean? Thank you!
  10. Chance (cGPA=3.8/4.33; 165)

    Hahaa I’ll give it try and update you!
  11. Chance (cGPA=3.8/4.33; 165)

    Woah I can ask them? And they will actually tell me? Thanks!
  12. Chance (cGPA=3.8/4.33; 165)

    But should I rewrite to increase my chances? UBC is my first choice.
  13. Chance (cGPA=3.8/4.33; 165)

    That is true! Especially considering I have already spent money on the LSAT....😒