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  1. Going Into Summer After 2L Without a Job

    I'm specifically interested in health law or family law. However, I am really willing to work in any sector except for criminal law. Although I'm even willing to revise that if necessary. At this point I can't afford to be picky.
  2. Going Into Summer After 2L Without a Job

    I'm in Ottawa. One of the biggest challenges here is that I don't speak a word of French and quite a few positions here demand bilingualism. I did apply for the two RA positions last month that were posted at my school but haven't heard anything from there either. One mistake I definitely take full responsibility for thus far is not getting to know my profs more. A lot of the RA positions seem to be given on an informal basis to students who regularly show up to office hours. I think there are very few profs in the school who even know who I am. Is it advisable to email random profs and ask them if they need an RA for the summer?
  3. As the title suggests, I'm about to enter into summer after 2L without having secured a paid position or an internship. Although I participated in recruitment for multiple cities, I was unsuccessful in obtaining a position. When I requested feedback from a few firms I was informed that there was nothing negative about my interview, it's just that the applicant pool this year was highly competitive. I had the CDO and 2 other lawyers from firms participating in OCIs review my CV and cover letters and subsequent revisions. I participated in mock interviews and I applied extremely broadly to many paid positions and unpaid internships. So far nothing has panned out. I'm becoming concerned at this point as I'm getting the sense that most other 2L students have secured something for the summer. The deadline to submit a proposal for an internship this summer is in just over 2 weeks at my school and it's unlikely I will find something before this time given that I'm in the midst of exams as well. Does anyone have any suggestions for some law-related activities I might be able to do over the summer that don't include paid work or an internship? Is it advisable for example to take summer courses or study abroad somewhere? In the worst case scenario, if I worked a non-legal job over the summer, would it substantially affect my ability to obtain an articling position or an associate position in the future? Thanks!