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  1. Is Anyone's Application Still Under Pending?

    I would check Solus guys. I just checked mine and saw a rejection. No email yet. Best of luck to everyone else.
  2. Accepted to Queen's 2018

    congrats! Did you receive an email or did you just check Solus?
  3. Accepted to Queen's 2018

  4. Rejections

    Yeah it's too bad because Ottawa was the one school I actually wanted to go to, so it's especially disappointing. But yeah I applied to Toronto and Queens as well. Rejected from the former, still "pending" in the latter. :/
  5. Is Anyone's Application Still Under Pending?

    Same exact stats
  6. Is Anyone's Application Still Under Pending?

    Great username
  7. Rejections

    Thanks yeah it doesn't feel great, but hey what can ya do. May I ask why you're confused? The person below me seems to have similar stats.
  8. Is Anyone's Application Still Under Pending?

    Same here
  9. Rejections

    Refused today GPA 3.7 LSAT 158
  10. Rejections

    I think you might be right. I wish it would just happen already
  11. Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Same question. Is it safe to say that no actual acceptances will be sent out anymore? Is it only waitlist or rejection at this point?
  12. No rejections or acceptances?

    Same situation here. I'm still 'Under Evaluation' at Queens and Ottawa
  13. Rejection still not showing up on OLSAS

    I see, thank you!
  14. I was rejected a while ago but it has not yet shown up in my "choices/offers" section on the olsas website. Is this normal?
  15. Rejections

    Ah okay gotcha!
  16. Rejections

    May I ask why you're so sure?
  17. Still 'Under Evaluation'

    Hello, I'm brand new on this forum so I apologize if I missed any similar topics started by other people. I am still listed as being 'under evaluation' on uOzone and I'm just wondering if this is the case for anyone else. It says that the last update was 2017-11-20, which I find very strange considering that we're already in April. Should I be worried?
  18. Rejected UofT 2018

    Rejected without a shred of surprise. For the lady wondering earlier about the contents of the rejection email, mine looks like this: Thank you for your application to our Juris Doctor program. The admissions committee has finished reviewing your materials. Thank you for your patience. Weknow that you have important decisions to make for the coming year. We are communicating with you by email to give you an answer at the earliest possible opportunity. It is with great regret that I must inform you that despite the remarkable accomplishments reflected in your application, we are unable to offer you a spot in the first year of the Juris Doctor program. This year we received more than 2300 applications for the 205 places in the first year of our Juris Doctor program. We face an extraordinarily difficult selection task. Despite the care and attention of the admissions committee, it is inevitable that each year we will simply be unable to offer admission to many individuals who would be excellent law students and outstanding members of our law school community. You may be wondering what specifically was lacking in your application to our program. In truth, it is often difficult for us to point to obvious weaknesses. The majority of applicants demonstrate real achievement and potential for future contributions. Our decisions are driven by the small number of spaces available in the first year of the Juris Doctor program. The admissions committee is acutely aware that many of the candidates who are not offered admission exhibit outstanding personal, professional and academic promise. Accordingly, experience suggests that many candidates whom we are unable to accommodate this cycle will be welcomed by other outstanding law schools. If you decide to commence your legal studies elsewhere and continue to have an interest in studying law at the University of Toronto, I would like to invite you to consider applying to the upper years of our Juris Doctor program either as a transfer student or as a letter of permission student. Each year we admit a number of exceptional students to the upper year program who were not admitted to the first year of the Juris Doctor program. Although we understand that you may be disappointed with the outcome of your application this year, in the long run where you choose to attend law school is less important than what you choose to do with the many opportunities open to you. No further action is required by you at OLSAS pertaining to this decision. There is no need to withdraw/cancel/drop your UofT application choice online, simply leave it as it is. We appreciate your interest in our Juris Doctor program and wish you all the best.
  19. Still 'Under Evaluation'

    Fair enough. I guess what I'm wondering is why it's taking so long, particularly as far as the date of my last update is concerned. But I figure everyone else us pretty much in the same boat.
  20. Still 'Under Evaluation'

    Lsat: 158 GPA: 3.8