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  1. Waitlist 2018

    Thanks for keeping us updated! Best of luck!
  2. Waitlist 2018

  3. Waitlist 2018

    Congrats! When do you have until to decide?
  4. Waitlist 2018

    Up to and including #19
  5. Waitlist 2018

    That's awesome! Congrats!
  6. Waitlist 2018

    Finally some movement! Congratulations!
  7. Waitlist 2018

    If we don't hear back in a few more weeks I'll give them a call
  8. Waitlist 2018

    Exactly what I was thinking but someone got in last year in June with an index score of 74.22
  9. Waitlist 2018

    Previous years waitlist offers started coming out three weeks after the deadline so I'm assuming there isn't really any way of knowing for certain. I've been tempted to call admissions but they asked us not to so I'll refrain lol
  10. Waitlist 2018

    Did you apply in the individual consideration category? If so then your application would have been added to the regular category if you were rejected from individual consideration
  11. Waitlist 2018

    The waitlist also came out a bit later this year than last so there's potential for more of a delay
  12. Waitlist 2018

    Really hoping we'll hear back sooner than that!
  13. Waitlist 2018

    That's awesome! Hopefully you'll hear back this week!
  14. Waitlist 2018

    Has anyone heard anything back lately? Wondering if there's been any movement
  15. There's a waitlist for Individual Consideration candidates? PS congratulations!