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  1. Officially waitlisted as well, as of Friday the 13th (that doesn't sound too good...) Self-calculated index of 91.05-91.1, ~84-85% with drops, 160 LSAT.
  2. Hey guys, long time lurker and first time poster over here. Question for you all: I applied to UBC just before their deadline (so wasn't expecting to hear back super soon in the first place) and have a self-calculated index of about 91.05-91.1 (84.5-85% GPA, 160 LSAT). From what I've read on this thread, that likely means that I'll be waitlisted (???), so I'm thinking about giving them a call to confirm whether or not that's the case - my file still reads "File Complete - Awaiting Evaluation". What I'm wondering though is at what stage they really start to factor in ECs and personal statements? I think I'm quite strong in these regards, so I'm wondering if indexes get any less important after making it onto the waitlist? Any insight is much appreciated!