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  1. Chances? 3.95 153

    I don't see anything wrong with that.
  2. Application Status

    Neither did I.
  3. LSAT - Non-Scored Section

    Figuring out which section is experimental is not as clear cut (for the exact reason of your post) because there really aren't any obvious indicators. Even if they were, preserving your energy on one section - which you THINK is the experimental, is quite the gamble that I certainly don't think is worth taking.
  4. Accounting Degree

    Did anyone on here get an undergrad degree in Accounting and made ANY use of it after their J.D.? Perhaps to go on and pursue a CPA designation or become a tax attorney? Got accepted to law school recently and will be graduating later next month with a degree in accounting and was wondering if I can incorporate it into my future plans. Thanks!
  5. Was offered admission around 10:00am sask time. Will be accepting! 158 lsat, B2: 3.6, strong sask connection. Congrats everyone!
  6. @law1996 @SKalltheway @calgaryhopeful2017 Congratulations! also wondering if you guys noticed the "received date" change right before you received an offer?
  7. Application Status

    I submitted mine on the 29th of January and wrote the February lsat. Judging by the comments on this thread, I don’t know if the date change is indicative of anything.
  8. Application Status

    Date changed to March 26th today, first date change since I submitted my application.
  9. Saw that this was done on another school forum to uncover who’s still waiting and thought it was a good idea. B2: 3.6/4.3 80.5% LSAT:158(feb 18) strong sask connection: high school and undergrad completed here. Good ecs
  10. Application Status

    @Sundance @L1Hopeful @Wonderlost Thanks for the update. A friend of mine was accepted earlier this month and had until the 23rd to accept the offer, hopefully after that they'll send another wave. I agree, the accepted 2018 thread has been slower than the past few years.
  11. Application Status

    Hi guys, how long after your date change did you hear from the college? if you did get an offer do you mind sharing your stats on the "admitted to Saskatchewan" page? It'll be great help to calm my nerves, plus I'm sure I can't be the only one browsing these forums everyday.
  12. Application Status

    @SKalltheway I think according [email protected]‘s last post he just meant that his lsat score was updated.
  13. @HandsomeSocialist is that 156 a typo? I've noticed you mentioned on the waitlist thread that you were wait-listed with a 157 and 3.6, just remember that because at the time I thought it was incredibly harsh considering your stats.
  14. Application Status

    Nope, not as yet @Cody94 Based on previous years I am estimating they'll be updated/uploaded some time later this week.