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  1. Waitlist 2018

    congrats Corbin!!
  2. course selection

    proof of enrolment.... mid to late august
  3. Tuition increase?

    Sadly the increased $$$ will not go to the law program... it will go to general spending.
  4. Not in, not rejected

    In at UNB, not western.... sorry posted in wrong section screwed up still hope for Western!!!
  5. Scotiabank PSLOC

    Can anyone tell e what the scotiabank rates are for UNB? Thank you
  6. UofT Payment Question

    sadly,,, if the monies went to UOT... the student got a refund for the "error". If they still have the funds... likely not, but if they do, they would likely only communicate with the student due to privacy .... sadly. Wish you luck!!! is the site still active? contact police.... fraud!!
  7. Accepted to UNB 2018

    So,,, where you going, UNB or Manitoba??
  8. Not in, not rejected

    no idea what is up... just asking.... wait is killer as everyone knows
  9. The wait is killing me!! My stats are as good as many who have posted that they received offers, but I have yet to hear. Is UNB sending out rejections??
  10. I am not in... I am not rejected.... any ideas how large the wait list is?? Not knowing is killer!! mod edit: I have changed the title to prevent confusion. -WJ