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  1. Looking for Best Chances

    Western L2. Queen's B2. Toronto B3. The rest are cGPA (in Ontario).
  2. Multiple LSATs

    Fuck me unless your GPA is abysmal how could you possibly want to retake a 170?! That's a fantastic score. Even a 166 is very good
  3. I didn't take their course but I got -8 on my first write on LG and I discovered his videos after for all the games. Got -1 on LG the second time.
  4. Repeated LSAT Questions

    It's because of people who happened to write that Feb test and then they sat for July as well and saw it again
  5. Repeated LSAT Questions

    LSAC occasionally reuses undisclosed tests. It's an advantage for people who happened to have written that test in the past, and upon their retake, notice it's the same one. For most people though, they won't have seen those questions before, as LSAC doesn't release undisclosed tests to sell as PTs
  6. Is it fun?

    Not sure if this is a troll or OP is just that cynical
  7. Western vs Osgoode

    Look at the ultra vires numbers
  8. Western vs Osgoode

    You have better chances for bay at Oz
  9. How do index school look at applications?

    I applied to Manitoba (in the index category), and for them, yes, I assume that's what they did. They didn't ask me for a PS or reference letters. If your LSAT and GPA plugged in to their calculation puts you above their admit level, you're automatically in.
  10. NOV LSAT ... do they look at it ? UOttawa/uwin

    I think you can take their word for it, yes. That said, a candidate who got say a 161 the first time as opposed to someone who got a 152, 155, 158, and then a 161 will probably have an edge (all else being equal).
  11. best law movies

    Matthew kills any role he's in. Love that dude.
  12. best law movies

    I watched Roman J. Israel, Esq. the other day. Decent flick.
  13. Makes sense. Thanks
  14. I see the terms summary and outline being thrown around a lot. Am I correct in assuming that a summary is just your notes of the readings and an outline is a summary of your summary? Edit - now I'm thinking it's the opposite of what I said
  15. September 8 LSAT

    Agreed re: LG is the easiest to perfect. But it's also the biggest "what the fuck" when you first start