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  1. Taking a Year Off to Apply

    I think you're misinterpreting it. It just means that most students will have completed an undergrad prior to starting. So whether they took a year off or applied during 4th year and then graduated in June and started in September probably makes no difference.
  2. Waitlisted at U of T 2018

    That's what I'm wondering. If it's not ranked, how do they go about selecting people from the waitlist? Pull names out of a hat?
  3. Waitlisted at U of T 2018

  4. Waitlisted at U of T 2018

    LSAT 164 cgpa 3.65
  5. LSAT July or September

    July. If you underperform, you can rewrite in September and be eligible for an offer from the get go. If you write in September and underperform, your rewrite will be November or January (just checked LSAC... what's up with all the random dates now?!) which means schools will only get your scores after they've already started admissions, meaning you are competing for less spots.
  6. Accepting offers

    Okay yes I see what you're saying, and yeah you're right, that could be an option for some.
  7. Accepting offers

    Okay so. I had offers to 5 schools as of last month. I knew that I'd 100% rather attend Osgoode over the other 4. So I provisionally accepted it. The next business day, next to Osgoode on OLSAS, in the 'response' column, it said 'provisional accept'. But next to the other 4 offers that I already had, it said 'declined: no further consideration'. But as I was provisionally accepting, there was a box that said something along the lines of 'schools you still wish to be considered at'. It only listed U of T (as they are the only school I have not heard from yet). So I selected still wish to be considered. So, I may still get an offer from them, but the other schools are all now off the table for me. Hope that helps.
  8. Accepting offers

    If they're both in Ontario, you can only provisionally accept one. As soon as you provisionally accept 1, all other schools that you currently have offers from will be marked as 'declined'. For schools you haven't heard back from, they can remain open if you choose. Source - me.
  9. Wow. What a ride. Hats off to you lol.
  10. Chances? 3.6, 160

    Good. You are above both averages.
  11. When do offers stop coming and waitlist start?

    You will get in somewhere with those stats.
  12. Chances? 3.6, 160

    3.6 / 4? Is that your best 2 or cumulative? If it's cumulative, what's your best 2?
  13. Does anyone regret going to law school?

    Did you make an account solely to shit on the profession? Or are you just bitter you could never get in anywhere?
  14. Chances? 3.55, 3.8, 157 (highest)

    Toronto is out. Osgoode is possible but highly unlikely. Maybe Queen's given that 3.8. Best of luck. Oops this is the Ottawa thread. Okay shot off the waitlist I'd think.
  15. Chances? GPA: 3.78 LSAT: 150 (Sept), 157 (Feb)

    Your LSAT isn't great but it isn't terrible either. Your GPA is quite good. I think you have a good chance.