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  1. References

    You cannot see them on OLSAS. The only way to see them is if your referee shares it with you.
  2. Chances for next cycle [3.46 / 150]

    Yea OP said that in the original post. It also looks like its copied directly from OLSAS
  3. Question about Welcome Day

    Not at all.
  4. Waitlisted at U of T 2018

    Just firm accepted Osgoode, thus removing myself from the waitlist. Good luck to all of you still waiting, I hope you get in.
  5. Applying in 3rd year worth it?

    Echoing Erin, I also think it's good in case law doesn't work out for whatever reason. You'll at least have a degree to fall back on. You already put in 3 years, what's 1 more?
  6. Dealing with LSAT Anxiety

    Sounds like you're the psychologist who has already diagnosed OP lol: "More than* one person stated... which leads me to believe.." OP never said they were gonna try to get accommodations. If they had, I never would have chimed it. I said it for all you suggesting they take the easy way out, when they've given you no reason to believe they have an actual disability. Like I said, if they have a genuine one, that's what accommodations are for. More power to ya. But you saying to 'exhaust all options' sounds to me like trying to game the system
  7. Dealing with LSAT Anxiety

    . Edit - sorry Conge. I didn't mean to quote you.
  8. Dealing with LSAT Anxiety

    If you could get accommodations because the LSAT makes you nervous, we'd all get them and we'd all be scoring over 170. Accommodations are for people with genuine disabilities, not a case of the nerves.
  9. Odds of improving day of

    But a 'harder' test usually has looser curve so you can get more wrong and still score the same as an 'easier' test with a tighter curve
  10. Bay Street Chances ??

    What is the big 5?
  11. Bay Street Chances ??

    I'm not sure about that eh. Western is heavily focused in corporate. Queen's has also begun a shift toward corporate in recent years. Edit - I'm not sure about the self selecting part. Your first paragraph is bang on.
  12. If taking a 5th year, how is your L2 calculated?

    I asked this question to Western in September (my 4th year). They said your L2 depends on when they look at your file. She said if we look at it before your fall grades are in, your L2 is 2nd and 3rd year. She said if we aren't satisfied with that, we will look after fall grades are in, at which point your L2 would be 2nd semester of 2nd year, all of 3rd year, and 1st semester of 4th year. Finally, if they aren't satisfied with that, they will wait for your winter grades and your L2 would then be 3rd and 4th year.
  13. Cambridge vs UofT

    It is insanely expensive. 70-90k pounds is not enough to live comfortably if you want to live in downtown London
  14. 1L Grades + Big TO Law

    Your grades are awful. You should probably rewrite the LSAT and just start all over. Sorry bud. Good luck!
  15. Late Deposit Payment - Epic Mistake - Pls Help

    Glad to hear that. You must have been stressing hard lol