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  1. Rejection/Waitlist

    Waitlisted as well, 3.55 CGPA, 3.8 b2/l2, 150, 152 and 157 (feb 2018) LSATs
  2. Suits for Women

    I may be overthinking this, but is there anything to worry about with blazers that have one button closures vs. two buttons? I find that I look nicer with one button but is that any less professional?
  3. Waitlisted 2018

    Waitlisted as of yesterday, apparently but didn’t see it until today. No email, just saw it on OASIS. Kind of exciting since I have been straight up rejected from them a couple times already. 3.55 cGPA, 3.88 B2L2 (if that even matters) and 150 (Dec 2014) 152 (Feb 2015) and 157 (Feb 2018) General
  4. I want to say someone from the Common Law Student Society but I have no idea. I saw a post that said it’s technically it’s only a discussion group for those accepted for fall 2018 and they’re still working on setting up the actual class of 2021 Facebook group.
  5. I'm wondering if someone can help me out with some math here. I'm debating between TD and Scotiabank for their PSLOC. I plan on borrowing around $30,000/year from the PSLOC while in law school. For TD, I could get $125,000 at prime. I'd have to do interest payments even while in school. I wouldn't have to start payments on the principal amount until 2 years after articling. For Scotia, I could get $125,000, also at prime. I would not have to worry about interest payments until a year/(or two?) after articling. Interest would still accrue the moment I started borrowing, I just wouldn't have to make those payments until later. I think my question is: Is it ideal to pay interest while I am in school, or, is it better to go with the bank that lets me wait as long as I possibly can to pay interest (so I can keep that money in my savings account for something else?) Is the overall amount of interest that I end up paying relatively the same, or do I end up paying more if I choose one over the other? I did the math and I am pretty sure the interest works out to be the same and that the benefit with choosing Scotia over TD is that it provides more flexibility with WHEN you want to pay the interest payments. Am I correct?
  6. Just noticed it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/848909388622770/
  7. PSLOC: what bank did you go through?

    Thank you so much!! I appreciate that. It sounds amazing. I’ll make an apt and ask, but out of curiosity, do you know how repayment works for TD compared to Scotia’s PSLOC, ie if it’s like Scotia where you don’t have to start making payments (interest) until a year after articling?
  8. PSLOC: what bank did you go through?

    Do you have a source for this? This is certainly interesting now compared to Scotia’s, since I already have accounts as up with TD. Thanks!
  9. Suits for Women

    Are false eyelashes acceptable? Obviously not the dramatic in-your-face ones, but what about the more natural looking ones. I'm asking because I wear the natural-look ones but it's still clear (IMO) that they are not my own. Looks like I'll have to switch to extensions and/or mascara if it's not. Thanks all!
  10. Bild Review Method?

    Lawsandpaws is right. It's also good because then you're not wasting practice questions.. there's only so many preptests before you run out.
  11. Accepted to Queen's 2018

    Congrats! What category did you apply?
  12. LoC and mortgage

    I'd like to know the answer to this too. I'm debating whether to apply for an LOC first and then a mortgage, or vice versa.

    Thank you all so much! I appreciate it.

    I'm a BC resident who will be moving to Ottawa by September to attend the University of Ottawa. I just tried to apply for a student loan through OSAP but it wouldn't let me proceed because I am not an Ontario resident. Am I doing it wrong? Am I supposed to be getting a loan with the BC Government (StudentAid BC) despite the fact that I will be attending an Ontario school and will be living there by September? I don't want to wait until AFTER I start school to be able to apply for a student loan. Thanks!