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  1. Behind Schedule?

    I've been reading here that apparently Ottawa is behind on admissions again this year. I didn't apply last cycle. I wonder whether this year will be like last year's? I see the rejected thread last year was started on March 31, and the waitlist thread started on April 26... Like many of you, the wait is consuming me!
  2. In Queue December 4, cGPA 3.55, B2/L2 3.88, LSAT 157 (feb)
  3. Chances? (3.57 cGPA / 3.75 L2 / 164)

    Did you apply Ottawa? I think you have a chance there, at least off the waitlist.
  4. Rejected UofT 2018

    You should definitely try next year. Best of luck.
  5. Rejected UofT 2018

    Rejected, cGPA 3.55, 157 (highest). Obviously not surprised at all but still disappointed!
  6. 155,156 CGPA 3.2 B2/L2 3.85 Chances?

    Excellent! Congrats.
  7. 155,156 CGPA 3.2 B2/L2 3.85 Chances?

    I saw in the U of O thread that you got accepted. Congrats! By any chance have you heard from Queens or any others? Did you apply general?
  8. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    So some people won’t know if they’re accepted, waitlisted or rejected until June?
  9. Admission Bursary - JD program

    Can you apply for the bursary after you are accepted or do you need to apply before?
  10. In Queue 2018

    Have you applied elsewhere?
  11. Chances - 159 LSAT, 3.5 OLSAS GPA, B2 - 3.88

    Congrats! Did you apply general?
  12. Mature student chance (cGPA 3.14, LSAT 157)

    Thanks for sharing that! Amazing.
  13. Call and update schools on score?

    Mine is now posted too.
  14. Chances? 3.55, 3.8, 157 (highest)

    Thanks! Ottawa is my first choice.
  15. Call and update schools on score?

    Has your Feb LSAT been posted on OLSAS yet?