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  1. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    Thank you! How did you find the job search for two months after the program?
  2. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    I just did! I made a fb group for the 2018 Summer program. I am from/live in stoon and would be happy to help in any way with the transition to Saskatoon for the summer! Feel Free to join and hit me up! Let me know if the link doesn't work. https://www.facebook.com/groups/163522370998350/
  3. French Common Law Certificate

    Thanks Gracie. I’m still sceptical, if they had a civil law certificate I would be excited but In still suspicious of the grade effect vs benefit. Maybe after finals I can ask your to grab a coffee?
  4. French Common Law Certificate

    Thanks Gracie. I was wondering what the value of the program is. My understanding is that it adds a considerable level of challenge, however is this typically considered in the articling/law review/clerkship realm? Is there a consensus on this?
  5. Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    Same here. Mine changed on mar 12 prior
  6. Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    Also got unconditional acceptance at noon. CGPA: terrible... B2: 3.6-3.7. 160 LSAT. SK connection and Aboriginal status!
  7. Aboriginal Applicants Status

    Any responses this week? I’m kinda concerned. Hoping to that this delay doesn’t preclude anyone from The summer native law program!
  8. B2 3.4, B2 after this year will be at least around 3.7. 160 lsat. Very very strong SK connection, so strong in fact that I apply as aboriginal status. (It occurred to me while applying that aboriginal status is essentially a SK connection that goes back to time immemorial!) lol good luck folks!
  9. Aboriginal Applicants Status

    ooh thank you for asking! Good luck!
  10. Application Status

    You are right! I'm just trying to figure out if the date change reflects a weekly process.
  11. Application Status

    Any decisions?
  12. Application Status

    I think Doreen sets up weekly packages for Tuesday/Wednesday consideration for the admissions panned. So random groups get date changes on Monday and usually get word later that week!
  13. Application Status

    Mine changed yesterday!
  14. Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    Did you folks have recent status date changes? congrats btw :)!!!!!!!!!
  15. Yes you do. Your B2 is higher than admit average while your LSAT is close. If your SK connection is legit, you should be just fine. Although you might not get first wave acceptance.