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  1. The reason why I don't bother arguing is that it turns into a 10-page thread debating something that should be rather obvious (like this thread). Now, you can say that since I don't feel like arguing at length for 10 pages I have no right to complain. That's fair, but I was just stating my observations.
  2. As a lurker on this forum for several years, I have noticed that some users here get offended too easily at seemingly uncontroversial things. I'll give you some examples: Regarding the difficulty of different undergrad universities in Canada, people on this forum will claim it is impossible to distinguish difficulty between each university since the majority of people did not attend more than one. But to any non-delusional person, it's clear there are differences in difficulty. Same goes for the distinction between different majors. Regarding attending a school like UofT vs HYS or T6 in the US, people on this forum will suggest UofT most of the time, when for the majority of people, attending HYS would lead to better long-term outcomes. Some would even be offended at the mere mentioning that US is a better place to work than Canada. Similar sentiments when you mention differences between Canadian law schools-- People will claim that they are all equal and disregard anything suggesting that some are better than others. When people talk about getting jobs at prestigious firms or anything regarding prestige, people get defensive quite quickly and then make some "hurr why not Morgan's it's the most prestigious" joke as if to try and nullify the importance of prestige. I go on TLS sometimes (the American version of this site) and believe they place too much emphasis on prestige, but this site is like the polar opposite. Even when you make a thread about income/salary, it's a given that there will be some guy saying, "life is not all about money dude." Like come on lol. I feel like most of the sentiments I mentioned above are being propagated by a few users with high reputation points, and eventually they stick, even though they aren't really accurate representations of the real world. TLDR; stop being so easily offended peeps just my opinion.