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  1. Course aux stages 2018

    They call you to schedule a first interview. For most firms, you have to get through 3 interviews and then you get an articling offer.
  2. Course aux stages 2018

    I am in the same situation for Osler. Still waiting. I think that I will call them on Monday.
  3. Course aux stages 2018

    Yep, I can confirm that. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Course aux stages 2018

    Excellent ! Bravo à tous ! Je confirme que BLG a commencé à appeler McGill aussi.
  5. Course aux stages 2018

    Est-ce que d'autres écoles que UdeM ont eu des nouvelles de Dentons et BLG ?
  6. Course aux stages 2018

    I don't know with certainty, but I would say it is likely.
  7. Course aux stages 2018

    The emails for the Stikeman interviews on the portal have been sent 5 min ago.
  8. Course aux stages 2018

    I received most of my calls around 6-8pm.
  9. Course aux stages 2018

    Stikeman has started for McGill as well, although we are going to be sent emails tomorrow to pick our own dates/time on an online portal.
  10. Course aux stages 2018

    Thanks. Gotta say, your nickname made me laugh, ah ha !!
  11. Course aux stages 2018

    I can confirm that Blakes just called. I'm from McGill.
  12. Course aux stages 2018

    Je ne suis pas certain de comprendre ce que vous voulez dire. Notez que BCF a fait des appels, et a envoyé des courriels de confirmation d'entrevue déjà.
  13. Course aux stages 2018

    Davies just called.
  14. Social Atmosphere for CEGEP Students

    Depends what you are looking for and your personality. I came in straight from CÉGEP, and I made many friends in the same situation. Usually, at the beginning of law school, CÉGEP students hang together, but this fades over time. Doing your law degree will be extremely demanding though, hence you will have less time to enjoy the "social atmosphere" if you want to maintain very high grades. This is not true for every one, but there is an inverse correlation between partying a lot and good grades. Also, the "social atmosphere" is toned down compared to other programs where you have Carnival and other huge parties. Indeed, people are older when they come in, and more serious. For CÉGEP students looking to have fun, this can be rough. McGill takes roughly 30 CÉGEP students, the rest are from undergrads and grads. It's not the same "social atmosphere" as doing a Management or Arts degree, let's say. You might be disappointed. I know that some of my friends coming from CÉGEP were. Others were very mature, already know what they wanted to do, and were just satisfied. It truly depends on who you are.
  15. Course aux stages 2018

    Do we have a table somewhere that indicates how many people per interview round the firms schedule? I know that some take a lot, and other a few.