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  1. Hi all, I’ve had the pleasure of receiving offers from UBC, UVIC, and Queen’s. I’ve also been accepted to Dalhousie with a $13200 scholarship. I’ve lived in BC all my life, but future location does not matter to me. Even with Dalhousie’s scholarship, UBC seems cheaper. I am interested in business/corporate law. Which school is better in terms of that area of law? Which school is better in terms of reputation? thanks all and hope I can decide soon!
  2. Anyone here take the JD/MBA program here, or know someone that did? Got accepted to this joint program with a $13200 scholarship, trying to decide whether to pick Dal’s JD/MBA or UBC’s JD, which I was accepted to with no scholarships. Thanks!
  3. UBC vs Dalhousie

    If I was completely indifferent with where I want to work in the future, would UBC JD still be a better option than DAL’s JD/MBA?
  4. Thanks, I’m very excited! I was a regular applicant. I emailed and asked for my UBC-confirmed GPA but they did not get back to me. The OLSAS cGPA is without drops!
  5. UBC vs Dalhousie

    Alright thanks guys for your input! How big of an advantage do you think the Dalhousie JD/MBA program would have for corporate law and in-house positions? Also, does UBC have a good business law program? What are some other pros and cons for UBC vs Dalhousie, especially given Dal’s JD/MBA VS UBC’s JD
  6. UBC vs Dalhousie

    Dalhousie would be probably 24k a year for 4 years, whereas UBC is 13k a year for 3 years. Dalhousie’s MBA also has a paid 8 month corporate residency program. UBC may have higher living expenses but the quality of education, jurisdiction, and reputation is better.
  7. UBC vs Dalhousie

    How is the legal market in Vancouver though? Would career prospects be better with an MBA so there’s is a possibility of different career paths?
  8. UBC vs Dalhousie

    Hi all, I would love to hear your thoughts on my situation: I’ve been accepted into UBC’s JD program, and I’ve also been accepted into Dalhousie’s JD/MBA program. I don’t have a preference on the city I wish to live in after I graduate. Although if I were go to Dalhousie, I feel like I would try to find an articling position in Vancouver or Toronto so I could stay in either BC or Ontario for the long-term. I havent heard much of Dalhousie’s JD/MBA program on this forum and would love to hear your thoughts on how good you think the program is. I am interested in corporate law and have a double-major in Accounting and Finance. I’ve lived in a very small town in Northern BC my entire life. Thanks guys, some pros and cons would be great!