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  1. My cgpa is on the lower side (3.5) so I am counting on my lsat score to be very good in order to get into some of my top choice schools. I originally planned on taking the September lsat (and I've registered for it too) I've been studying the powerscore bibles the past few months (not rigerously, maybe an hour or two every other day) and realized I wasn't seeing results I wanted in my PT's so I just enrolled in 7sage 2 weeks ago and now I'm seeing phenomenal results! I am understanding the material so much better now, but because 7sage offers so many lectures my "study schedule" is saying I need to take 30-40 hours a week to study. I'm always working 30+ hours a week and I still manage to study 5 hours a day but I still find myself getting really tired and I'm worried I'll lose motivation soon if I keep going on like this. Now that I've discovered 7sage I have been thinking of changing my lsat date to November but I'm worried it'll effect my chances of getting into law schools because it's a later test date, and I'm also worried about getting a low score and being unable to take it again for this round. Sorry for the long explaination but basically I just want advice on what to do! Should I take both September+ November, or just November, or what??? Thanks for any help!!! (Also, my ideal score I'm aiming for would be a 165, and so far my highest PT of 4 has been 154 but I can definitely predict 7sage will help my score very much as I continue it)
  2. LSAT sections

    I think you mean books like powerscore? I personally read each book until I completed it then moved to the next section but I don't know how well it worked for me because now that I want to do some PT's I feel like I've forgotten what i learned back in the the first books.. so i'd recommend going back and forth like how the sample study schedules for Powerscore suggest in their setup.
  3. thoughts on the 7sage entry level course

    Thanks for your advice guys! I think I will start with the lower level and just pay the difference as I continue.. it's really useful they give us that option!
  4. I already spent money on the powerscore bible and studied them, but I want ton continue with 7sage (but also don't want to spend a ton more money). Would the entry level online course that's $179 be sufficient or is it worth it to invest in the higher level courses with more resources available?
  5. So I finished studying the LSAT bibles and now i want to practice drilling questions/practice tests. My question is what would you guys recommend: should i sign up with 7sage to both experience the online class plus have access to a bunch of PT, or just buy PT booklets on amazon? Also are there any good LSAT drill question booklets anyone could recommend? I would appreciate any suggestions!
  6. Does any law school actually have a quiet law library?

    Well, the reason Osgoode has that policy is because there are 3 other libraries on campus that non-law students can use, so this justifies reserving the Osgoode Law Library for Osgoode students only. I myself am not a law student but really needed somewhere quiet to study so I would sometimes sneak into that library, but their policy has gotten much stricter this year and I am unable to do so anymore. This doesn't upset me though because I understand that law students may need a more quiet and professional space and some undergrads might not respect this or understand it's importance. Law students studying around other law students makes a unique environment in which the students all understand each other's study needs and thus respect the sanctity of the library where as the other library on our campus, "Scott library" is much harder to focus in because people are eating, talking and being loud even though there are tons of signs not to. I totally understand that you think libraries should be public and I agree, however when there are three other libraries on campus for the non-law students I do believe law students can have their smaller and quieter library for themselves.
  7. Does any law school actually have a quiet law library?

    Osgoode's Law Library is very quiet and they just recently have been really enforcing the no non-law students rule so there are only serious students within being very quiet and respectful to others study needs.
  8. got a terrible diagnostic score.. now i'm discouraged

    thank you all for the advice! i would be happy with scoring anything between 165-170 since my goal is western or queens which definitely are not the HYS schools! I will buy PT's and practice all summer and see how i do in September! Thanks again guys
  9. nervous about my chances?? L2 3.7/cgpa 3.47/lsat 165

    congratulations on the acceptance! and thank you for the response
  10. I took the diagnostic June 2007 test and scored a 141.. I have seen many forums with people claiming you can only really go up 10-15 points from your diagnostic test. I have bought the Powerscore books and will be studying very hard all summer to hopefully do the September 2018 LSAT test. I don't understand why i scored so low considering I have taken philosophy courses here and there (I major in Political Science right now) and I am generally good at logical reasoning and reading comp.. I scored equally low in all sections. Is it really impossible for me to score a 165+ on the LSAT if I study really hard all summer?
  11. I'm unsure if i have a chance into law school with these stats and i would like some advice if anyone knows whether these are decent stats for law school admission? L2: 3.7 CGPA: 3.47 LSAT: 165 Thanks guys!
  12. Who can i get a letter of reccomendation from?

    Thank you everyone for the help! I appreciate it
  13. I already have one LOR secured with a professor i have, but she's the type of professor that will give any of her students a LOR because she's too nice to say no. For my second LOR, i am unsure who to ask. I'm close with two other professors but they were my elective professors (one is a history prof, one is a philosphy prof, i am in political science) Would their LOR be worthwhile? I also have a TA who i have a good relationship with and he instructs the course himself. Does this make him qualified to write me a letter? I don't want to ask if that would embarrass him only to say he isn't in a position to write LOR for students i'm just unsure how it works..Thanks in advance for your help!
  14. chances? cgpa 3.48/L2 3.73/LSAT 165

    thank you both!
  15. chances??

    Chances?? cgpa: 3.48 l2: 3.73 l3: 3.7 Lsat: 165 No EC's but good LOR's and work experience. Thanks in advance!