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  1. Waitlist 2018

    Does anyone think that the order of the wait list confirmation matters? I received mine at 2:36 on Wednesday. Does it seem weird to anyone else that so few were added? It appears that there were 16 people on this page that got the consideration email, but only 6 of us got confirmation of the waitlist. Sorry to clog up the feed, just really interested in any information anyone else has. ALSO, Happy Friyaaay.
  2. Do they have your right email? I believe you should have got a wait list consideration email already at the very least.
  3. Waitlist 2018

    Got the official wait list email just now also. PFEW.
  4. Waitlist 2018

    and the anxiety commences.
  5. Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    What date did you have to respond by?
  6. Waistlist - 2018

    Waitlisted on Friday as well. Does this Waitlist move much does anyone know? Do you think they would answer an email about atleast how many are on the list?
  7. Waitlist 2018

    Got the waitlist consideration a few minutes ago. Already accepted to TRU, waitlisted at U of M. Waiting to hear from U of A and UNB. Hoping for a cheaper, closer to home alternative as opposed to TRU so keeping my fingers crossed to get accepted off this waitlist. One step closer - congrats guys, its better than a no LSAT 152 GPA 3.9/4 for the last 20 and cumulative. If not exactly 3.9 for both they are very close to being the same.
  8. Accepted to UNB 2018

    For those wanting to know I asked a question regarding completion of my file and received this from Wanda. Good morning, I reviewed your application and to date there is still no decision on your file. The Admissions Committee will begin their review of files for Supplementary Review (waitlist) over the next few weeks. As soon as decisions are finalized I will update your status online. Hope this helps someone wondering what is going on!
  9. UNB sending out rejections??

  10. Accepted to UNB 2018

    Congrats! When do you have to respond by?
  11. Accepted to UNB 2018

    Has anyone talked to the admissions office regarding what is happening? Would love to know! I am getting antsy not knowing what I am doing this coming fall due to waiting to hear back from all these Universities!
  12. Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    Congrats to all! Do you all have your degrees completed or did you get accepted regardless of the University still waiting for your May marks? Insanely jealous as well!
  13. Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    Aboriginal category as well?
  14. Accepted to TRU 2018

    Congrats! Enactus? (If you don’t know what that weird word is - ignore me. If not hello fellow Enactus member)
  15. Accepted to TRU 2018

    Do you have to do something to have the Facebook page accept you?