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  1. emasrbmk

    Fee's in USD?

    Yeah I mean...I already had to mentally prepare myself for spending the 214 but then to have the extra 80 bucks taken out instead is like getting robbed hahahaha. Thanks.
  2. Soooo..I just signed up for the LSAT, the first two times I had a fee waiver but now I had to pay out of pocket. Was surprised to see my credit card was charged 290 instead of 214 which is the amount I authorized and then I realized it must have been that the fee was in USD.... But how is that fair to Canadian students? Does anybody know if I did something wrong, was I supposed to sign up some other way to avoid paying USD? Let me know if anyone has any insight...
  3. emasrbmk

    Accepted 2018

    Did you get an email or just checked your status ?
  4. emasrbmk

    Wait List Single JD 2018

    Waitlisted today, 150 lsat 3.52 cumulative
  5. emasrbmk

    Referred to Admissions -Timeline?

    I have been referred since early March but still haven't heard anything yet.
  6. emasrbmk

    Chances? 3.83 OLSAS / 155 LSAT

    Congrats on getting in! If you don't mind me asking, how much EC's did you have and do you think your PS's and references were great? I have similar stats and I have not recieved word yet for this round so I'm just wondering where I might stand, you give me a bit of hope!! Also, you applied general category, correct?
  7. emasrbmk

    Rejected UofT 2018

    got email last night 150,156 - 3.51 cumulative not sure about best three (probably 3.7). not surprised
  8. emasrbmk

    Windsor Accepts February LSAT?

    I was referred prior to score release yes. I did call them however and they said that they will not be taking the Feb lsat for the single JD
  9. Hi everyone. My status is currently Referred to Admissions committee, and my first write of the lsat was Dec 2017, in which I got a 150 and this was recorded on my u windsor account when I look at my application details. Now that my February 2018 score came in, Windsor updated my account to say "LSAT average score, 156'. If Windsor doesn't accept Feb scores, then why is my 156 Feb 2018 score showing on the account? Has anyone else experienced this?
  10. emasrbmk

    chances? 3.51 cgpa, 150 and 156.

    ohh okay! well hey thats good news I guess. I'm off the minimum score by 1 though so, I probably am not going to be very competitive..
  11. emasrbmk

    chances? 3.51 cgpa, 150 and 156.

    Its really unfortunate that degree / where you graduate from isn't taken into account, considering the vast levels of change in difficulty of schools and programs one could take.. Thanks for your advice.
  12. emasrbmk

    chances? 3.51 cgpa, 150 and 156.

    My best two should be at least 3.7
  13. emasrbmk

    chances? 3.51 cgpa, 150 and 156.

    But its already my 5th year... I would just take random courses for no reason to bump it up? I don't understand how that would work. Also, I'm not sure if this would be considered differently but I go to U of T, the downtown campus. Its quite difficult to get a high GPA here.
  14. emasrbmk

    chances? 3.51 cgpa, 150 and 156.

    I will see if I can calculate it out and I'll report back with it but no, unfortunately this is my last year. Thanks anyway.
  15. emasrbmk

    Referred to Admissions Committee

    Mine just changed to referred to admissions committee!