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  1. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    Thank you very much! I'm Defintley excited and grateful for the chance, as per McGill I think all schools in Quebec are very cheap, the students there Wil start to burn cars in the street if they dare to raise tution hahah gotta give em credit, but honestly I'm not sure why exactly they have such amazing tution rates. Even BC is very good for tuition, ubc is a leading school in the nation and tution is only like 12 000 a year or something , u of t is 34 000 or something like that and osgoode is 28 000 for comparison lolBut ya as per law schools good thing about Canada is you can get a great education at any Canadian institution and deifntley face to face communication is always better something gets lost through texting and typing, and I deifntley know how hard it is to pass on learned lessons to younger cousins hahha And yes I am from the Toronto region, I also spent a few years a whipe back on the west coast in Vancouver and the lower mainland, my family is split half here in Toronto and half in Vancouver , @Teemu13
  2. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    I agree with you , a score above 160 for your gpa would be great you would get into almost every Canadian school at that point, it' a good goal to shoot for I mean heck shoot for 180 lol nothing to lose but everything to gain rite? If you can speak french i would apply to mcgill, one of the top schools in canada for law and internationally respected plus its really REALLY cheap lol and I don' think they require the lsat . As per your questions, of course if you wanna private message feel free that' wat the forums here for us to help each other, and I will be attending osgoode this September @Teemu13
  3. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    @Teemu13 Regarding your question, I think your stats are great, meaning the gpa ( im assuming the 3.9 is cgpa olsas and I'm assuming/ guessing that value hits high 80s or 90s for ubc and uvic admission calculation purposes since they used the cgpa in percentage ) Should the lsat hopefully also come strong ( with a 160 or higher I am convinced you get accepted to a majority of schools through the regular stream, 165 plus I think every single school in canada and 170 plus I would not be surprised to see you get into any school of your choice including the top 10 American schools) The lsat is not easy for most of us for sure but hey dare to dream rite for that 180 lol In terms of which stream to apply I would wait to see how the lsat goes and then decide which stream to apply. Are you applying for this September? If so would you write the lsar in the latter part of summer or september/dec?If the lsat goes as mentiomer above and as we all hope, you can apply to any law school through the regular stream and you would be competitive, if the lsat hits sub 160 or in the undesirable scenarion of sub 150 then that access mature category is a good option to take Ubc and uvic both have It on the west coast side of things ( discretionary), and it is there for a reason, it's not a backdoor into law school, ubc usually gives out only 20 seats out of 300 and these applicants usually have decent stats and in many times tremendous accomplishments and achievements outside of school, or had encountered significant barriers but somehow overcame them ( this part is key, barriers being present is not enough its not simply a sad story, one has to show resiliency and overcoming the obstacles and eventually displaying some indicator of academic success or potential ) to get to the admission cycle e.g. battled cancer while in undergrad etc etc etc The whole purpose of gpa and lsat are to predict academic potential for law school pretty much, and there' deifntley a relationship between gpa and law school grades and lsat and law school grades But it deifntley does not capture anywhere close to 100 percent of the picture. The discretionary category tries to capture other parameters that could be used to assess your potential in law school, also it is used to help diversify the law school class to an extent. These students are still.great students, but they have shown other remarkable qualities while perhaps maybe one of the gpa or lsat was suffering. These students can be amazing assets to the law school community, bringing in insight and perspective which helps all of our law students legal education and expierence I would assume Some schools do not have these categories. Osgoode and u of t are two of them, although both state they are "holsitic" in their reviews and do assess applicants profile as more than just gpa and lsat but uvic ubc queens western Ottawa u of sask and I think Dalhousie All have these categories, and my knowlege of the prarie schools like u of a is limited but I'm sure they have it too for the most part
  4. Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    @Teemu13 I'l turn 29 this November and started my undergrad when I was 23 I think, so I Defintley know how it feels to be the older guy in class lol I think everything is perspective. Like you said, you have one life to live, define it in whatever way you see fit, but let's not cheat ourselves out of expierence we desire if we don't have to If you wish to have law school and being a lawyer as one of your expierences and the door is within reach , as it Defintley seems for you, then you should defintely run with it imo An anecdote I'd like to share, I had the pleasure of meeting the director of a md PhD programs at a Canadian school not to long ago. This individual had switched career late into his twenties. The md PhD stream is a 10ish year journey for this person when you factor in everything, and he was around 40 when he finished. He told me although it has been difficult in moments, it was very rewarding and gratifying to walk the path he did, and hes' very happy today with an established career and a respectable position in the faculty with his own lab, sees patients in the hospital etc I have met numerous professors at u of t who had very similar stories and was actually surprised that I ran into so many individuals.who took less conventional paths to where they are today ( all had ridicously amazing jobs), and in the end after it was all said and done it was very worth it for them, some were construction workers(they did not enjoy it some do tho) that started PhDs at 30 and after 10plus years got tenured positions at u of t and have amazing jobs with amazing colleagues, job satisfaction, salary, job security etc I'm not saying this is the norm or it's all flowers and happiness and it will always be easy, but I think we all know that already After you write the lsat And when you apply i also think you should apply even more broadly or possible, you have quite the background and expierence ( 18 years as a max prison guard man there' some expierence in what you have seen lol) holistic schools like osgoode would probably welcome a candidate such as yourself to apply, especially since you have a 3.9 gpa as well, if you wanna stay on the west coast I would apply discretionary( you mite be an early admit without discretionary if that lsat comes in good) to both ubc and uvic, with your strong gpa depending on lsat you potentially could have a very strong shot at all the schools you want not only in all of Canada but all of North America, I look forward to reading about you getting accepted good luck!
  5. 2018/2019 Sessional Dates Posted!!

    I guess its time to pull out the tuxedo lol , thanks i guess business casual it is '@Turkeytime
  6. 2018/2019 Sessional Dates Posted!!

    Any idea on what kind of dress code exists for the June welcome day? I guess it consists of a panel of former alumni etc that give us their expierence , presentations by the finaincial services etc, right?
  7. Western or Windsor for undergrad?

    Im sorry for your situation, i have some idea of how hard it can be to have someone close go through stage 4 cancer Your undergrad insitituion choice or even choice of major/ program itself won't really affect your law school goals, schools including u of t law are gpa lsat focused , any school and major are fine, If your close to your dad, spend as much time as possible with him. Stage 4 cancer is a difficult journey, I have seen it first hand. Value the time together. You could also always stay close rite now and perhaps daily commute to windsor, and hopefully if things improve transfer later on to any Canadian institution, up to the end of your second year you can transfer pretty easily usually But you could also go to western and do a commute every weekend( via railway had a decent unlimited student package) Maybe even stay home for a year and work save up money while also staying close to your dad for another year , then go to uni next year ( This scenario gives you more time with your father, but it can be less than ideal to fall out of sync with your cohort when going into your undergrad. However maturity can also be benificial) There are many options on the table for you, look at them and compare and carefully think of the present as well as the future and what you want and i wish you and your family the best
  8. Computer Science before Law School

    A lot of employers will ask for grades when you head into the market with your cs degree, I have friendswho just graduated from u of t with cs degrees and they mentioned that good grades was a huge factor for employers, I don' kno how accurate that is it was 2 people' opinion so take it for what's it' worth, but all things being considered with new grads being all inexperienced, the kids with the best grades from the best schools will probably ( I assume) have first dibs on the most coveted jobs,( although a friend went to college for cs with decent grades not amazing and after 2 years had decent employment) my friends got.jobs after undergrad but they had undergradresearch and were among the top at u of t for cs, they found jobs within a few months of graduation downtown, so first ask yourself what exactly are your odds of getting employment after your bachelor's with poor grades with a cs degree from whatever school you are going to, and what kind of jobs will you have access to exactly and what kind of pay hours etc. they might come with Talk to people who just graduated in your school if possible and see where they going with life And why do you wanna go into law so badly, it' a question to ask yourself to assess how much you are willing to risk and sacrifice, examine the underpinning of this desire and really critically attack it and dissect it before you make your decision of which path to go You deifntley have access claims and I'm sorry you had to go through all that, show through the next 4 years you can rebound and you are capable of academic excellence, work your ass off and never be outworked, it's about showing ya you were down but you climbed and you got back up.and you persevered I don' think your cs degree would give you much advantage in law admissions , not enough to outweigh poor grade and poor lsat , a high marks and lsat will be the deciding factor more than anything else except for a few schools but even there gpa and lsat still hold a significant weight for admissions , but you still have the lsat and we can hope you destroy it which can help somewhat negate a poor gpa, and plus if you have quite a few years left a lot of schools are last 2 schools and you could still bring up your grades by a lot In summary a cs degree will probably give you more employment opportunities after your bachelor's ( but look into how many doors a cs bachelor's degree with poor grades opens and what kind of doors are we talking?), for law the cs degree won' help with admissions, law schools want gpa and lsat, i would try to get a high gpa in each year left of my undergrad and really try to knock out my last 2( olsas equilvilent 3.85 or higher most schools for undergrad shoot for a 4.0) and I would study as much as possible for the lsat with a significant time allowed for studying and retakes , and deifntley would apply access if in your situation and you have strong access grounds but only if you can rebound your grades
  9. I'vealways been curious as to what makes some people shit on others, The OP is just asking a question, clearly they worked their ass off and I'm impressed at how they rebounded in their last 2 years of their undergrad, their lsat is at the median for osgoode, I'm not saying they are a very strong applicant for osgoode ( but Defintley at last 2 schools and they can have a shot at quite a few law schools) but absolutely they should try for osgoode, and to put them down for attempting to reach their goals when all they did was ask a question is beyond me, there is one thing to help people face reality and I agree we should all build tough skins and be able to face reality, but there' another thing to just shit on people and their dreams, especially in the case when all they did was ask a pretty general question imo it was completely uncalled for to make statements saying it was a joke for them to even thinking of going to osgoode Once upon a time when I told everyone I was going to go back to high school ( at 22) after having dropped out, numerous people came up to me and said either I was gonna fail or I shouldn't even do it because it was worthless at that point for me because of my age Then I got into York and people came to me and said anyone could do it and it was because i took online courses my grades were inflated and I would drop out Then I went to utm and people said I could never cut it at st George Then I went to st George and came in the top of my cohort and people still had comments to say I'll be attending osgoode this September and people still have comments to make, I've always been curious as to what makes us put one another down, is it a lack of empathy? Our own insecurities? Us falling to the weaker part of being human? I'm sure there have been times in life where I fell to the weaker part of my mind and have engaged in similar behavior, we are all flawed and we make mistakes, and god know I've made more mistakes than most lol and I have done things I am not proud of more times than I can count But before we put people down THINK Engage in some empathy put yourself in that person shoes , I promise you one thing if you have not encountered failure yet ,one day in your life you most Defintley will if you live a live worth living , and you will find yourself in a situation where people could throw shade your way ie they could throw you down even further when you find yourself down Now not saying the OP is down rite now( in a decent position for many fine law schools ), but they came looking for general help, not asking to be ridiculed on applying to certain schools
  10. Try the other banks for sure but I believe the more hard hits we get as they inquire into our file it can begin to lower our credit, I dropped from 740 to 620 once partly because of that So I wouldn't go to td as they want a minimum of 680 I believe and probably won' give it when you factor in the debt, maybe rbc? But Scotia I think is the easier one to deal with when it comes to psloc, maybe @ScotiabankLawAdvisor Can shed some. Light if perhaps a different branch or method can be tried What about a one year deferral for law school? Then maybe draft a budget which includes osap and some law schools have generous financial aid as well, work hard in that year and if you work hard you could save up a significant amoun of cash hopefully
  11. @amalc Assuming the index formula we have is exactly correct originally when posted , or was never slightly adjusted after ubc found out their formula was on the forum, which they do know and have told me explicitly on the phone that the index formula we have is NOT correct, either they are telling the truth or not I don' know but i would assume the former , the formula still seems to be very accurate but maybe it' is not perfect But ya it is strictly gpa and lsat based
  12. Changing psloc

    @WindsorHopeful People on this forum have done it, although I agree it probably is not a common occurrence but maybe that's because we as law students havnt tried to push for it with td or the other banks offering these packages at prime
  13. Changing psloc

    I was hoping to get some advise and opinions I currently have a psloc with Scotia for 125 000, at prime plus 0.5( I should have pushed for prime but for whatever reason I just didint as the rep was unknowledgeable on the matter when I mentioned it and I just wanted it finished so I didn't pursue it) I decided to talk to td because they recently jumped their offer to 125 as Well, I always banked with td and their longer hours and amount of branch locations in the GTA is A big plus , plus by my calculations if they offered it at prime or prime minus 0.5 and lets assume I use the whole 125 000 ( hopefully not lol) my payment would differ in savings of 300 or 600plus dollars a year, assuming a 10 year amortization period (according to.bmo loan payment calculator) which can be used to go on a vacation or w.e lol Now the td rep I originally talked to wants me to apply for the td psloc But I like Scotia relationship with scene points, the point I could gain could help me offset a lot of my monthly entertainment expenses since me and my fiance love movies , and for travelling the infinite Scotia card is great as Well, but I guess td infinite first class visa is just as good for travelling but it lacks the scene points Any advise on the matter of switching , any negative consequences, is it even possible, etc. Any and all advise is appreciated , thanks in advance
  14. Chances? (CGPA 3.83, 159 LSAT)

    Awesome cgpa , even as standing you probably have a good shot pretty much everywhere except u of t, raise up that lsat a bit ( if you could hit 166 it would make your application very competitive for every Canadian school)and probably a good shot everywhere
  15. U of A Vs Dal

    Hahah my spelling and grammar when using my cellphone is legendary in how horrible it is lol @420