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  1. Any insight would be much appreciated! From scanning the forum it seems York is not the best area to live in; I will be moving from BC and have never been to Toronto. Are there any affordable suburbs/parts of the city nearby? I will have a vehicle so I am not too worried about a commute. Ideally, id like to rent a studio/ 1 bedroom and have a max monthly rent budget of $1200.
  2. Are exam schedules always this bad? Seems to be the most compact schedule ive seen of any school
  3. Thank you! Osgoode doesnt have an "access" category per se, but in the supplemental information and additional submissions I do discuss access like factors.
  4. Accepted today! CGPA- 3.61 L2: 3.85 LSAT: 155,156
  5. I havnt heard back yet from Ottawa, Western, or Osgoode
  6. Can 100% relate, I legit hardly slept before any test during my undergrad. I had 50% additional time as well. I also got 5 minute breaks between sections which really helped. I definitely felt as well that the extra time was somewhat negated by drastically increasing the overall length of the test. I used ZZZquil pill to help me sleep (just over the counter from like any pharmacy). My doctor would not give me a real sleeping pill prescription due to Opioid issues in BC. Did you apply Access for the same reason you used to get the extra time on the LSAT?
  7. Try and get accommodations. I also struggle with anxiety and cancelled 2 LSAT scores (December 2016 and February 2017) and ended up having to take a year off because of it. If you have a pretty good GPA you can get offers with a slightly higher score for sure. Ive got into Queens, TRU, and UofA so far with a 155
  8. Thanks! Does Queens send out an acceptance e-mail? I see the offer on SOLUS and through OLSAS but have not received an e-mail direct from queens for about a week
  9. is there a deposit required to provisionally accept?
  10. I read somewhere recently that Kingston has the lowest vacancy rate in the province. This was quite nerve wracking as I would be coming from out of province (BC). What is the rental market like come August/September? Is it prettty difficult to find a decent place? When would be the best time to come and start looking?
  11. Ive read loads of good things about the university/Edmonton, however in attempting to make a decision on where to study im working on a pro/con list. I know this is largely subjective, but any insight into drawbacks of Edmonton/UofA would be much appreciated.
  12. U of A vs Queens

    Thanks for posting the thread, appreciate it. Im honestly entirely flexible with regard to where I practice. Due to this, im largely going on where I would have a better quality of life, while being mindful of tuition costs.
  13. U of A vs Queens

    I honestly dont really mind, pretty flexible in this regard. I definitely want to move out of BC for the time being.