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  1. Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    185 on waitlist. Way too high for an offer?
  2. LSAT Canadian Fee Waiver

    For me, it was solely income. They asked me to provide notice of assessments from the last 2 years. I did not have to provide bank statements. It was at the discretion of the UVIC admissions lady to approve/reject it. UVIC automatically waved there application fee with this form. . I believe for getting admission fees waived for other schools you have to contact them directly to inquire. I diddnt know at the time, but after I paid for all my applications last fall I noticed on a few of the schools websites that you can contact them to have the application fee waived. This may be unrelated to the LSAC fee waiver, but i imagine getting approved for the LSAC fee waiver would bolster your request to have application fees waived. You can definitely have fees waived for a few of the Ontario schools. U of T does it automatically when you apply on OLSAS.
  3. LSAT Canadian Fee Waiver

    You should be good. I believe mine only took about a week.
  4. LSAT Canadian Fee Waiver

    Yes, you can do it as a canadian student. I just had to bring the form into the nearest law school which was UVIC for me and have it verified.
  5. Waitlist 2018

    @roozieIm surprised you were waitlisted with your stats.
  6. How Firm is the 157 LSAT?

    I got in with 3.61 CGPA LSATS: 155,156
  7. Best LSAT course?

    7 sage. 154 isnt all that far off a sufficient score if you have a high GPA. I got into a few schools with a 155 before February scores (156) were released. And 7 all together. You could start with the 7 sage starter package and upgrade from there if necessary.
  8. Laptop recommendations for law school?

    I bought a 2015 refurbished Macbookpro last year from the apple store (I think I paid ($1199) and it has been phenomenal, no issues at alll. It literally looked brand new; not a single blemish. You can also buy the same additional 2 years of applecare as if it were new.
  9. Laptop recommendations for law school?

    Id go with a Mac. You can get a decent deal from the apple store refurbished. I bought a 2015 Macbook pro last year for like ~$350 off and have had 0 issues. Looked brand new. You can also still buy an extra 2 years of Applecare for refurbished mac laptops.
  10. Housing for family of 3

  11. Bursary Inquiry

    I believe I read somewhere that e-mails regarding bursary applications are sent out near the end of June for 1L. Just curious, how long does it usually take to find out the result of your application?
  12. Phenomenal, 100% its sufficient. All I used.
  13. Very good LOR. EC's decent I think? Nothing spectacular. 2 years as a Big Brother, 1 semester as a volunteer research assistant, and a year as a volunteer conversation partner with exchange students.
  14. Looking for advice on LORs

    Some schools you dont need LOR's at all